Why Investors profit with Acrylic Splashbacks

If you’re like most investors then everything comes down to the numbers.

Every dol­lar you spend has to earn its keep. Either in reduced costs or increased rents.

Or ideally – both.

Many investors are using acrylic splash­backs in their prop­er­ties because they do both at the same time.

How do they increase rents?

As you know, most ten­ants in Seven Hills look at mul­tiple prop­er­ties before mak­ing a decision. So it’s import­ant your house stands out with a ‘wow factor’. Acrylic splash­backs look identical to glass, so they add a touch of lux­ury in kit­chens, showers and laundries.

Shower - How acrylic splashbacks increase property rents

Also, like every­one else, ten­ants hate tiles. Grout means more main­ten­ance so the easier your prop­erty is to look after, the more pop­u­lar it will be with tenants.

These are the things which get remembered. Splash­backs make an out­dated kit­chen look fresh and new. And they do won­ders as a fea­ture in showers.

The res­ult? Your prop­erty will be in much higher demand, and that means com­mand­ing higher rents.

How do they reduce costs?

Acrylic splash­backs also help reduce costs. They’re cheaper to pur­chase than glass, and much faster to install.

They can be cut to size so they fit in per­fectly. And if neces­sary you can cut them on-site using stand­ard wood­work­ing tools.

Remem­ber, time is money. The sooner you get your prop­erty fixed up the sooner it goes back on the market.

If you use glass, you need to wait until all the work is done before meas­ur­ing up the space you need. It can’t be adjus­ted on-site so it must be per­fect when you install it. This can eas­ily add a fort­night or more to your project.Acrylic splashbacks help reduce property maintenance  costs

If you’re handy, or you have a builder you can pur­chase acrylic in advance. Then the moment it’s ready you adjust it to the final size, cut any tap or power­point holes and put it straight up.

It’s quicker, it costs less and your house is back on the prop­erty mar­ket in a flash.

So next time you’re updat­ing your invest­ment prop­erty, or build­ing a new prop­erty from scratch make sure acrylic splash­backs are on your list.

If you want every dol­lar you spend to jus­tify itself then acrylic splash­backs are ideal for you.

To find out more, go to www.innovativesplashbacks.com.au or call 0418 548 743. You can also find Innov­at­ive Splash­backs on Face­book https://www.facebook.com/InnovativeSplashbacks


Innov­at­ive Splash­backs help build­ers and ren­ov­at­ors cre­ate spec­tac­u­lar kit­chens, showers and laun­dries with a splash­back which looks identical to glass but is far more economical.

Their acrylic splash­backs are simple to work with, can be cut-to-size or can be cut on-site. This makes them per­fect for any­one look­ing for a touch of lux­ury for their pro­ject while sav­ing time and labour costs.

Innov­at­ive Splash­backs are pro­duced in Geelong and delivered nation-wide. They are fierce sup­port­ers of sup­port­ing our eco­nomy, and were the first acrylic splash­back com­pany to be awar­ded the offi­cial Aus­tralian Made logo.

They also pro­duce splash­backs in high defin­i­tion digital prints for those look­ing for some­thing different.

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