What & When To Repair? 8 Top Tips For Property Owners Revealed

bad tenants or bad landlord in seven hills NSWWhat we have found in Seven Hills and Toongab­bie, tak­ing on these basic, inex­pens­ive improve­ments, will help your prop­erty stand out from the crowd in a dif­fi­cult mar­ket if you decide to rent it out or sell.

In recent years, our State Gov­ern­ments have set up more res­id­en­tial ten­ancy author­it­ies to assist with the rights of both the land­lord and the tenant.

When it comes to repairs,  you will need to respond to urgent repairs without delay.

If you do noth­ing, your ten­ant has the right to order for these repairs to be done up to the value of $1000 at your expense.

If you are unsure of what is an “urgent repair”, con­sult your prop­erty man­ager or Con­sumer, Trader & Ten­ancy Tribunal office.

Non-urgent repairs must be done within 14 days, but I would recom­mend you do it ASAP. If non-urgent repairs are not looked after, your ten­ant may apply to the Tribunal for an inspec­tion and sub­sequent report.

After 60 days, the ten­ant can apply to the Tribunal for a repair order. Sounds like good motiv­a­tion to me to stay involved!

Even though they may feel like it, legis­la­tion pre­vents ten­ants from with­hold­ing rent while wait­ing for repairs to be done.


What are the Landlord’s Responsibilities?

They are simply sum­mar­ised as follows:

  • Under­tak­ing repairs to ensure prop­er­ties are safe, secure, clean and fit to live in
  • Main­tain­ing prop­er­ties in reas­on­able repair


What are the Tenant’s Responsibilities?

They can be sum­mar­ised as follows:

  • Keep­ing the premises clean
  • Any dam­age caused by him/her, mem­bers of his/her house­hold or people he/she allows on the premises
  • Noti­fy­ing the Agent of any dam­age ASAP and doing what they can to avoid any fur­ther damage
  • Leav­ing the premises in the same con­di­tion (as set out in the prop­erty con­di­tion report com­pleted at sign-up) at the end of his/her ten­ancy, except­ing reas­on­able wear and tear.
  • When a prop­erty gets dam­aged, such as in a nat­ural event like a storm or fire, or an unsafe situ­ation arises, such as a large over­hanging tree limb that may pose a danger, the ten­ant should ensure his/her per­sonal safety. The ten­ant should do what he/she can to avoid fur­ther dam­age and con­tact us to organ­ise repairs.


To pre­vent all of this get­ting this far we have provided you Lifespan Prop­erty Guidelines.

Lifespan Prop­erty Main­ten­ance Guidelines;

  • Paint­ing (internal) – 5 years
  • Paint­ing (exter­ior) – varying
  • Hot water sys­tem – every 7 years
  • Oven – every 10 years
  • Bath­room renov­a­tion – every 20 years
  • Kit­chen renov­a­tion – 10 – 15 years
  • Repla­cing floor cov­er­ings includ­ing car­pets – every 7–10 years
  • If the prop­erty has a smoke alarm, ensure it is work­ing – have it checked annually.
  • For houses – struc­tural checks includ­ing safety of bal­conies, ver­an­das and roofs – annually
  • Clean gut­ters – check annually
  • Pest inspec­tions – check annually
  • Swim­ming pool – check fil­tra­tion equip­ment – annually
  • Elec­trical wir­ing – check every 2–3 years


Jhai is an award win­ning Inter­net Mar­ket­ing Real Estate Agent for Eld­ers Toongab­bie and Kings Langley. After run­ning his own inter­net mar­ket­ing busi­ness he has now set his own sites for the real estate industry. He observed that 90% of real estate agents did not know how to mar­ket them­selves online. Jhai is now fixed on one goal. To teach real estate agents that they can mar­ket online so much bet­ter than they cur­rently are.

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