Tribunal Concerning Lucretia Road Seven Hills NSW 2147 Australia

NSW Civil and Admin­is­trat­ive Tribunal (NCAT)


File No: RT 12/45196

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Applic­a­tion to the Tribunal con­cern­ing Lucre­tia Road Seven Hills NSW 2147 Australia


Applic­ant  Mr WU

Respond­ent  Name withheld


On 02-Oct-2012 the fol­low­ing orders were made:


1.         The ten­ant is to pay the land­lord, Mr WU, C/- Eld­ers Real Estate 4 Cor­ne­lia Road TOONGABBIE NSW 2146 Aus­tralia, the sum of $4,973.09 immediately.


Reas­ons for the Decision:


The applicant’s agent appeared in per­son. There was no appear­ance by the respondent.


There appeared on the Tribunal file a copy of a notice of con­cili­ation and hear­ing addressed to the respond­ent dated 7 Septem­ber 2012 advising of the time and loc­a­tion of the hearing


The Tribunal was aware of the Registrar’s stand­ard prac­tices in noti­fy­ing parties of the time and place of hear­ing as set out in her stat­utory declar­a­tion of 29 Feb­ru­ary 2012.


The Tribunal was sat­is­fied that in accord­ance with the Registrar’s usual prac­tices the notice of hear­ing of today’s pro­ceed­ings  was pos­ted to the respond­ent. The applicant’s agent gave evid­ence that she had noticed that the mail was being col­lec­ted from the premises and no other for­ward­ing address had been provided to the agent. Accord­ingly the Tribunal was sat­is­fied that the respond­ent  had been given notice of the hear­ing. The hear­ing notice was not returned .


The respond­ent failed to attend without put­ting any explan­a­tion before the Tribunal and the applic­ant was pre­pared and ready to pro­ceed. Accord­ingly, the Tribunal was sat­is­fied that the justice of the case required the mat­ter to pro­ceed in the absence of the respondent.


By applic­a­tion dated 5 Septem­ber 2012, the applic­ant was claim­ing an amount of $7169.13 for com­pens­a­tion for dam­age caused by the ten­ant dur­ing the ten­ancy. The ten­ant vacated the prop­erty on 14 August 2012. The parties entered into a res­id­en­tial ten­ancy agree­ment on 14 March 2011.


The Tribunal was sat­is­fied that it had jur­is­dic­tion in rela­tion to the matter.


Hav­ing con­sidered the ingo­ing report, out­go­ing report, pho­to­graphs and the writ­ten and oral evid­ence of the applic­ant, the Tribunal was sat­is­fied that the fol­low­ing amounts should be allowed.


•Repaint­ing of the walls — $2,750.00

•Rub­bish Removal $1,100.00

•Dam­age to built in door $310.00

•Change of locks $275.00

•Garden weed­ing  $50.00

•Clean­ing  $450.00

•Car­pet Replace­ment  $1,020.00

•Blind replace­ment  $516.04

•Plumb­ing $182.05

•less $1,680.00 from bond


NOTE: If the other party does not com­ply with the order to pay money, a cer­ti­fied copy of the above money order may be obtained from the Tribunal for the pur­pose of enforce­ment action through the Local Court.


T Simon

Tribunal Mem­ber



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