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Toongabbie Cafe Reviews - The blend Cafe panorama

The blend Cafe
Date Pub­lished: 02/21/2014
The blend Cafe is the small beacon of light of Toongab­bie. This hid­den oasis tucked away adja­cent from the sta­tion is proof that Toongab­bie is com­ing from old, into the new, and then into the trendy. Over the last couple of years it has become the hub of where the com­munity meets. The owner, Greg Bridges inspired by Sal­vador Dali has cre­ated some an ima­gin­able works of art that you need to see to believe. He has even cre­ated con­cep­tual work for the chron­icles of Nar­nia. He has now trans­ferred his inspir­a­tion and tal­ent into his Cafe. You will find every aspect of the Cafe artist­ic­ally trans­formed into so much detail that you can’t even take it in with one visit. If you’re an artist and look­ing for inspir­a­tion, and a cof­fee it is well worth the trip.
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Toongabbie Cafe Reviews - The blend Cafe

The Blend has ren­ov­ated and relo­cated to 20 Por­tico Parade!

The Cof­fee

As a self-confessed cof­fee addict, that will go out of his way to find a good cof­fee, this is far by some of the best cof­fee I have ever had. I don’t take that state­ment lightly. You can tell Greg went out of his way to find some of the most unique blends of cof­fee I have ever seen. Depend­ing on how much you want to sleep at night you will have to adjust the type of beans you are to consume.

  • Bright Angel’ is a full fla­vour blend and has just a little of a caf­feine hit.
  • New cof­fee blend of the month (strength is unknown).
  • Mam­moth bean’ this is the nor­mal cof­fee that will wake you up before you can say “Bing”
  • Dark Angel’ Warn­ing this will keep you awake all day and well into the night!
  • Work in pro­gress. He is work­ing on an even stronger cof­fee, but I’m not sure if it is legal.

I would have to say their mocha is second only to Max Bren­ner in Black­town, and will go down well with one of their unique desserts. I am reluct­ant to give any Cafe five stars for its cof­fee but this one takes the cake, 5/5 stars.

The food

You won’t find a light range of tasty treats within 3 km of Toongab­bie like this. The fla­vours and ingredi­ents Greg uses are some­thing you would find in New­town not in Toongab­bie. If you want a toasted ham and cheese sand­wich that is truly tasty, you have no choice but to try one.

I would have to say their sig­na­ture dish is their smoked sal­mon toastie that ends with a “zang” fla­vour. You will know what I mean when you try it. I’m giv­ing the food 4/5 stars.

The inside and out­side and Décor

Out­side you will notice a small patch of Astro­turf and wood fur­niture. As you walk in inside you will be greeted by red car­pet and a new world of Steam Punk Art. Greg is the kind of artist that likes new tech­no­logy mix with the old world, and pos­sib­il­it­ies of what could have been. He is also very inspired by sci­ence fic­tion which trickles through­out the Cafe. I will admit it’s a bit of a squeeze and the fur­niture isn’t the most com­fort­able in the world, but it adds to the experience.

I wouldn’t bother bring­ing any read­ing mater­ial as the blend Cafe has plenty of it. Even some of it from the 1950s. The blend always has the latest news­pa­pers, but the art books he has scattered through­out the joint that are the most inter­est­ing. The blend also has lots of nov­el­ties and board games to keep you enter­tained for hours.

The staff and the vibeToongabbie Cafe Reviews - The blend Cafe panorama

The staff are fun, inter­est­ing and artistic. You never know how ran­dom the con­ver­sa­tion will go, and they are always happy to make people feel like they are a long lost relative.

There’s quite a funky atmo­sphere at the blend with 1950s music and the scenery to match. The blend Is the place that you can choose to stay inside the Time Cap­sule, or relax out­side and watch the hustle of train com­muters go by.


I have heard people say “this cafe belongs in New­town” but I dis­agree, this is exactly what Toongab­bie needs and judging by the response, more of. Greg also has plans to paint the bus stop adja­cent to his Cafe which would also add to the attrac­tion and the scenery in the area. I believe the blend cafe is start­ing to have an influ­ence on Toongab­bie and bring the com­munity together. If you are look­ing at liv­ing in the area. I recom­mend you pop in for lunch to get a feel for how friendly people in Toongab­bie are. Over­all I give this cafe 5/5 stars because it does what all great cafes do. Provide a great place to relax and con­nect with people over coffee.


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