Toongabbie Cafe Review — The Little Sparrow Cafe

This is a review about the best cof­fee in Old Toongab­bie and yummy food!
The Little Spar­row Cafe
Date Pub­lished: 02/02/2016
Cof­fee and delect­able delights
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The Little Sparrow

The little sparrow cafe old toongabbie

This is a  gor­geous little cafe, they like you to think it is your “Home away from Home”. They have the most delect­able delights to sat­isfy that sweet or savoury tooth. It is quite, easy to get to and has very good prices.

Here is what “The Little Spar­row Cafe” in Old Toongab­bie say about them­selves.The Little Sparrow  Coffee

“At The Little Spar­row Cafe, you’re like part of the family.

Remem­ber those deli­cious dishes you had at Grandma’s place over a laugh? What about those hearty snacks, those more­ish baked sweets, those plates of food that put hairs on your chest and curls in your piggy tails?

Along with an atmo­sphere that you won’t want to leave, drop in. Drop in and meet your friends, fam­ily, acquaint­ances… You’ll leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

It’s the little things that count here. Just like the little spar­row, we may be small but we’re oh so sweet! We’d love to meet you, come and say hi!”

The food

The food is from the heart of her home with the family’s late grandmother’s recipes.

home-cooked apple pie, banana and Nutella scrolls as well as an abund­ance of cup­cakes and more­ish cookies.

The fam­ily recipes don’t stop there, they also serve unique meals break­fast, lunch and let us not for­get the all import­ant dessert.

beautiful Little Sparrow Cafe high tea Little Sparrow Coffee Truck will be serving yummy Coffee

They may be par­tic­u­larly tal­en­ted in bak­ing but they can still do a mean big break­fast or poached eggs.

They put on a high tea every Sat­urday with an in-depth array of scones, sand­wiches, cakes and of course more tea than you could ever drink. This has become their busiest day with book­ing required for a seat.

You haven’t lived until you have tried their freshly made, hand baked Chunky Beef Pies and Clas­sic Saus­age roll, Flaky and deli­cious I must add.

I can also sug­gest “The Mighty Muffin”. A won­der­ful savoury muffin, filled with all things deli­cious like spin­ach, feta, oven roas­ted toma­toes, tasty and parmesan cheeses and fresh herbs. Fant­astic warmed with a knob of butter.

The little spar­row attracts a lot of mums as it has a kid-friendly menu. Belinda said “the kids milk­shakes are par­tic­u­larly popular”.

The Cof­fee and drinks

Belinda has trav­elled the world as a singer/tourist, she fell in love with France duIGA Old Toongabbiering this time and has tried to bring the cof­fee and hos­pit­al­ity here to Old Toongab­bie. She has learnt from the best from the region (some­times barely under­stand­ing their Eng­lish). so as avid cof­fee con­nois­seurs them­selves (Stephen and Belinda) went on a cof­fee train­ing binge, to such a point that even they were cof­feed out for a point in time.

With such a pas­sion for cof­fee they do not just hire any old baris­tas. They only choose qual­i­fied baris­tas with exper­i­ence and pro­ceed to retrain them to serve cof­fee their spe­cial way with consistency.

I can vouch for this. The cof­fee is nor­mally smooth and warm. Not burn­ing hot like many other cafes. The acid­ity of the cof­fee is flat and has a pleas­ant after­taste with a hint of chocolate.

The do a Devon­shire Tea which Includes 2 warmed scones with Cream & Jam plus a reg­u­lar size hot drink of your choice and Choose from the selec­tion of teas & cof­fees. Not bad value for money.

The inside and out­side and Décor

I like the inside Décor, it’s clean and mod­ern with a touch of Spar­row (homely feel). I feel like they could do a bit more and give you more details to look at. I also wouldn’t mind to see a big­ger air con­di­tion­ing unit in here as it can get very warm on in 40 degree days.

Out­side has chairs that do the job.I think a large umbrella would work well here, but it looks like they are restric­ted with what they are allowed to do.

Kid friendly

This is a kids friendly venue with a play table so mum, friends and fam­ily can enjoy their cof­fee in peace. This fits in well with “let’s go to grandma’s house for a cof­fee and chat” feel they are going for.

The staff and the vibe

To ensure the secret home recipes are cre­ated with love most of the fam­ily work here.Little Sparrow Cafe for the Local Business AwardsThe Little Sparrow  Coffee Truck

I have found the ser­vice always friendly and thought­ful. I love it when own­ers, fam­ily, and hired help treat the busi­ness as their own, and that is just what they do.

Belinda makes an extra spe­cial effort to train her staff to be hos­pit­able and be mind­ful of who is here just to read the news­pa­per in quiet or to chat. I def­in­itely exper­i­enced this as every­one that came through the door wanted to chat. I really did feel like I just walked into Stephen and Belinda’s house, and friends just popped in for a cof­fee and to say hi.

I sup­pose this is nat­ural for Stephen and Belinda Adams as they have lived in Toongab­bie all their lives. Infact Belinda went to school across the road at Toongab­bie Pub­lic School (Est 1886) and still has 2 best friends from there.

All I can say is that this cafe is start­ing to do what all cafes should, (bring the com­munity together). Give them more time and I can see this space get­ting too small for them.


All in all I think this start up cafe has lif­ted the stand­ard in the local area. It would be nice if they had a web­site with a menu on it as I had to do a lot of fish­ing to find it, but they do well without it.


the cafe is open Monday to Fri­day 8am-4pm

High tea is on Sat­urdays between noon and 2pm


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