The Toongabbie Area’s Past, Present and Future

Great scott $1 billion redevelopment of Westmead Hospital (health precinct) and millions of dollars being poured into Parramatta

The Low Down On The Toongab­bie Area (Exec­ut­ive Summary)

Loc­ated in the Greater West­ern Sydney region roughly 30km from the CBD, Toongab­bie is a thriv­ing sub­urb with enorm­ous poten­tial. It’s afford­able and close to essen­tial ser­vices such as med­ical facil­it­ies, child­care centres and parks, and these bene­fits have not gone unre­cog­nised by the many young pro­fes­sion­als choos­ing to move to the area. A side effect of this growth has addi­tion­ally res­ul­ted in new devel­op­ments and upgrades for child­care centres, parks and play equipment.

Toongab­bie offers many prac­tical advant­ages, how­ever, there are also excel­lent res­taur­ants, local events and nearby attrac­tions such as Wet’n’Wild and East­ern Creek Race­way. Fur­ther­more, there are pro­pos­als for a zoo in the West­ern Sydney Park­lands at Bun­gar­ri­bee, as well as a lagoon with a wave machine that cre­ates a con­sist­ent point break wave at Sydney Olympic Park. 

Our Proud History


Toongab­bie was the 3rd main­land set­tle­ment (after Sydney and Par­ra­matta) dur­ing the Brit­ish col­on­isa­tion of Aus­tralia. In 1791, Gov­ernor Phil­lip star­ted a gov­ern­ment farm and con­vict farm to grow food for the colony, and by Decem­ber that year, there were over 500 con­vict men work­ing to clear the bush­land. After 11 years, the gov­ern­ment farm was shut down and the prop­erty was given as grants to set­tlers and con­victs who had served their time.

The Cur­rent Situation 

Back to the future in Toongabbie Today the Toongab­bie area has new migrants from India, Sri Lanka and a large vari­ety of other nation­al­it­ies, which adds a won­der­ful diversity to the area and helps cre­ate a unique and wel­com­ing community.

Toongab­bie is cur­rently exper­i­en­cing strong growth due to its close prox­im­ity to employ­ment hubs, high­ways, qual­ity cafes, inter­na­tional cuisines, Par­ra­matta and West­mead health pre­cinct. One of the key drivers of this growth, how­ever, is the area’s select­ive and expand­ing private schools. This has encour­aged fierce com­pet­i­tion to buy within the catch­ment areas and has even res­ul­ted in these catch­ment areas redu­cing in size.

With the area’s price growth and new devel­op­ment, as well as Sydney’s traffic con­ges­tion, Toongab­bie has trans­formed from a ‘step­ping stone’ loc­a­tion to a ‘nest and invest’ loc­a­tion. More and more, people with higher incomes are buy­ing in the area to rebuild or ren­ov­ate, and poten­tial sellers are opt­ing to ren­ov­ate and stay rather than sell.

Back To The Future

Back To The Future - further development of the area parramatta area and Westmead Hospital

With fur­ther devel­op­ment of the area, such as the $1 bil­lion redevel­op­ment of West­mead Hos­pital (health pre­cinct) and mil­lions of dol­lars being poured into Par­ra­matta, there is a strong indic­a­tion that the appeal of Toongab­bie will con­tinue to grow. Bene­fits of this spend­ing boom are already being real­ised as Wentworthville, Pendle Hill and Toongab­bie train sta­tions are being upgraded.

What We Think In Sum­mary Form

With immig­ra­tion, infra­struc­ture upgrades, improved pub­lic trans­port, com­pet­it­ive schools, grow­ing demand and redu­cing sup­ply, and more jobs mov­ing to West­ern Sydney, Toongab­bie is fast becom­ing a homebuyer’s hot spot.

Dis­claimer; We Don’t Have A Time Machine, So Please Make Up Your Own Mind 

Elders Real Estate Toongabbie Don't Have A Time Machine

Be aware that interest rates, prop­erty mar­ket cycles and the eco­nomy play a part in the ups/downs of prop­erty val­ues, and think of prop­erty as a long-term investment.

To be continued


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