The Benefits To Becoming A Property Investor In Seven Hills. Top 18 tips To Doing It Right!

There are def­in­ite bene­fits to becom­ing a pjett setting property investor from seven hillsrop­erty investor, espe­cially if you do your home­work well.

One of the most grat­i­fy­ing rewards includes hav­ing your money inves­ted in some­thing tan­gible rather than in shares. What’s more, real estate can most cer­tainly provide both secur­ity and a reas­on­able return over the long term.


Other plus factors for an invest­ment prop­erty include:

  • Adding value: when you own prop­erty, you are in con­trol and you can add genu­ine value by renov­at­ing and mak­ing improvements.
  • Good returns: rental prices rarely decrease, which means that returns from invest­ment prop­erty tend to be constant.
  • Cap­ital growth: over time you will def­in­itely see an increase in the value of your property.
  • Tax deduc­tions: as a prop­erty investor, you can claim a num­ber of costs as tax deduc­tions, includ­ing repairs to the prop­erty, insur­ance, rates, taxes, man­aging agent fees and build­ing depre­ci­ation allowance.
  • Neg­at­ive gear­ing: this refers to the tax deduc­tions from an invest­ment prop­erty exceed­ing the income gen­er­ated by the prop­erty. You may be entitled to receive tax advant­ages by neg­at­ively gear­ing your invest­ment prop­erty — get advice from your account­ant on this.
  • Long-term wealth: most fin­an­cial advisers recom­mend that an invest­ment prop­erty should be kept for a period of seven to ten years, the aver­age length of the hous­ing cycle. Ideally you could see your invest­ment double in value over this time.

Before you embark on the road to prop­erty invest­ment, how­ever, make sure of the following:

  • Thor­oughly assess your fin­an­cial pos­i­tion, know how much you can bor­row and under­stand tax­a­tion and gear­ing in rela­tion to invest­ment property.
  • Con­sider how a change in your per­sonal cir­cum­stances could affect your abil­ity to cover the repay­ments on your invest­ment prop­erty, if it becomes vacant for any length of time.
  • Research the mar­ket and choose an area where rental demand out­strips supply.
  • Choose a loc­a­tion that sits within easy walk­ing dis­tance of all amenities.
  • Shop around for the best loan for invest­ment purposes.
  • Seek legal advice from your soli­citor prior to any prop­erty transaction.
  • Do your home­work to ensure you know what your rights and respons­ib­il­it­ies are as a landlord.
  • Under­take pest and/or build­ing inspec­tions on any prop­er­ties that fit your requirements.
  • Make sure your insur­ance cover is up to scratch once you pur­chase your invest­ment property.
  • Update your will: you should do this whenever your fin­an­cial cir­cum­stances change.
  • If you need to carry out renov­a­tions to your invest­ment prop­erty, shop around for reput­able, exper­i­enced trade’s people to do it. Your invest­ment prop­erty is no place for someone to learn to hold a hammer!
  • And, while you’re at it, research for the right Prop­erty Man­ager. Enquire about our qual­ity ser­vices, if you are not cur­rently one of our val­ued clients.

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