Standards Could Save You A Small Fortune, For Investment Property Owners.

Toongabbie and Seven HIlls investment property broken glassToongab­bie and Seven HIlls invest­ment prop­erty own­ers who ensure that their invest­ment prop­erty meets Aus­tralian stand­ards for build­ings could be sav­ing them­selves a small fortune.

Own­ers of invest­ment prop­erty have a legal respons­ib­il­ity to ensure that their prop­erty meets all cur­rent stand­ards. These stand­ards include the obvi­ous such as elec­trical wir­ing, smoke alarms, plumb­ing, but also cover the not so obvi­ous, such as the types of glass in the win­dows and doors of the property.

Glass used in any win­dows or doors through­out the prop­erty must adhere to cur­rent Aus­tralian stand­ards, regard­less of when the house was built.

Encoun­ters with plate glass doors and win­dows often res­ult in ser­i­ous injur­ies. Build­ing own­ers and occu­pi­ers and their insurers should be aware of the scope of liab­il­ity in neg­li­gence for poten­tial injur­ies from glass breakage.

Detailed below are some recent cases where the prop­erty owner was held liable for damages.

Thom­son V’s Aus­tralian Hous­ing Trust

An eighteen-year-old South Aus­tralian girl was awar­ded $23,961 in dam­ages. Her back and arms were ser­i­ously lacer­ated and dis­figured by a break­ing shower screen. The court found that the owner/operator, South Aus­tralian Hous­ing Trust, was liable for hav­ing glass in the shower screen that was not up to cur­rent Aus­tralian standards.

Giner V’s Pub­lic Trustee

An eleven-year-old girl fell through the door of a flat, which had been built prior to 1970. Her cuts were so deep as to almost sever her leg. In award­ing dam­ages of $139,058, Judge Mil­dren rejec­ted the Defence that the flat was glazed to the stand­ards per­tain­ing at the time. He con­firmed that the rel­ev­ant factors are those exist­ing at the time of the accident.


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