St Anthonys Primary School In Girraween Has It’s Spring Fair

St Anthonys primary school in Gir­raween has a spring fair once every year. This fair helps fun­draise for much needed tech­no­logy and resources for the school.

This fair is import­ant for com­munity spirit!

The great thing about this fair is that it’s not only just the school that gets involved but the entire com­munity. I have found that new res­id­ents of the area get accep­ted and con­nec­ted very quickly by all the loc­als when they come to this fair. I find this fair very import­ant for com­munity spirit and for people to get to know their neighbours.

spike the real estate dog at St Anthonys Primary Schoolspike the elders real estate at St Anthonys Primary School In Girraween Has A Spring Fair











I have also seen kids that don’t go to the school make new friends here, which you can ima­gine hap­pens very quickly at the fun rides. Spike the real estate dog really enjoys it to and our team love to give our bal­loons to all the over excited kids that come to hug spike.

It really takes a com­mit­ted com­munity of hard work­ing mums and dads to make this hap­pen and they plan for months and months in advance. They nor­mally book out the course rides for the kids and even get to dunk their teachers.

What Rides And Food Are There?

The many dif­fer­ent rides they get into the fair are storm, dodgems, zoomer, giant slides, jump­ing castle and dunk­ing machine. There is nor­mally deli­cious food such as Hot dogs, Pan­cakes, Ice Cream, Fairy Floss, Pies and Saus­age Rolls.

 St Anthonys Primary School In Girraween Has A Spring Fair kids on rides


 different rides at Girraween Has A Spring Fair

There is also a photo booth that reminds you of the spring fair, (a great oppor­tun­ity for a new selfie).

It nor­mally is a big sell out and lots of people came to buy food (there’s noth­ing like a good old Aus­sie BBQ).  It really is a fun filled com­munity day and the school is really thank­ful to all the par­ent help­ers who helped on the day. This really makes a dif­fer­ence for St Anthonys primary school and without all the volun­teers we would not have this fair.

BBQ at St Anthonys primary school NSW

Mrs Louise Frendo, Spring Fair Coordin­ator and her team puts in a top effort to make this event hap­pen to raise money, to aid in ful­filling there dreams and aspir­a­tions for new learn­ing equip­ment and envir­on­mental improvement.

Without this fair I don’t think the com­munity would be as strong as it is now. I would urge any­one in the local area to come see what all the fuss is about.

St Anthonys Spring Fair is at 216 Targo Road, Gir­raween and is nor­mally held around the 7th of Septem­ber every year so keep your eyes peeled next year and look out for spike the real estate dog and the team for some free balloons.


About St Anthonys primary school in Girraween

St Anthony’s Primary, Gir­raween except for boys and girls from Kinder­garten to 6yr and serves the par­ish of St Anthony’s, Toongab­bie. The stu­dent catch­ment area is Gir­raween, Toongab­bie, Seven Hills, Pendle Hill and Wentworthville.

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