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Seven Hills (also known as ‘Sevo’) is a sub­urb of Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Aus­tralia. It’s loc­ated 34 kilo­metres west of the Sydney cent­ral busi­ness dis­trict in the local gov­ern­ment area of the City of Black­town, apart of the Greater West­ern Sydney region, and incor­por­ates the loc­al­it­ies of Grantham and Grantham Heights.

Post­code 2147

Local gov­ern­ment areas of New South Wales (LGA)

City of Blacktown

Division of Greenway LGA

Divi­sions of the Aus­tralian House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives (Fed­eral Division)


The Divi­sion of Gre­en­way is an Aus­tralian Elect­oral Divi­sion in New South Wales. Cre­ated in 1984, the divi­sion was named after Fran­cis Gre­en­way who became an ex-convict and a prom­in­ent archi­tect in colo­nial Sydney.


Seven Hill’s rail­way sta­tion is on the West­ern Line of the City Rail net­work and is about 20 miles by rail from Cent­ral rail­way sta­tion to Pen­rith. Like­wise, M4 West­ern Motor­way and West­link M7 are two of the their major arter­ial roads that con­nect Seven Hills to parts of Sydney.

Private bus oper­at­ors Com­fortDel­Gro and Cabcharge provide trans­port­a­tion ser­vices to places like Baulkham Hills, Toongab­bie, Black­town, Pendle Hill, Bella Vista, and Parramatta.

With single story build­ings con­sist­ing from the mid 20th cen­tury, they have approx 100 m² floor­space on 600 to 900 m² blocks to two story dwell­ings built in the 2000s with up to three times the floorspace.

Seven Hills Commercial areas

Com­mer­cial areas

Centro Seven Hills (opened in 1960 as a Regional Shop­ping Centre) is a major Shop­ping centre in Seven Hills.

Loc­ated close to the Pro­spect High­way, it con­sisted of numer­ous of indus­trial and com­mer­cial devel­op­ments from within the area to all over the gen­eral area along­side the vicinity.

Radio sta­tion Hope 103.2 FM and like­wise, the NSW Fire Bri­gade Sta­tion are loc­ated on the south­ern side of Lea­bons Lane by Pro­spect Highway.


Prior to the European set­tle­ment around 1790s, Seven Hills was once occu­pied for thou­sands of years by indi­gen­ous set­tlers who pos­sibly iden­ti­fied with the the Darug nation.

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Seven Hills was first vis­ited by Europeans in the set­tle­ment of the colony of New South Wales, as early as April 1788 by either Arthur Phil­lip or Watkin Tench in June 1789.

The first land grant by the colo­nial admin­is­tra­tion (in what was then known as the “Dis­trict of Toongab­bie”) was to John Red­mond in May 1793, whose grant of 60 acres (24 ha) later became Sta­tion Road.

About 13 fur­ther grants were made in this area before 1800. Mat­thew Pearce gained about 160 acres in 1795 and would later on name his grant after Kings Langley due to his claim of being born in Eng­land where the king resided.

This area con­sists present places from Chapel Lane all the way to Toongab­bie Creek and Old Wind­sor Road and would all become known as Seven Hills around the 1800’s because his farm was loc­ated nearby Par­ra­matta. In 1804, part of the Cum­ber­land Plain in the area was reserved for use as Pro­spect Com­mon and later on around 1819, two 50 acres (20 ha) of land grants were given to Samuel Dent and Haynes.

Seven Hills con­sisted of a much lar­ger area than now and by 1900, own­ers from the mod­ern sub­urbs of Glen­wood and Bella Vista have been able to suc­cess­fully identify their land loc­ated in Seven Hills.

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Up to the 1970s, hous­ing schemes would charge land that was once part of Seven Hills to cre­ate Lalor Park and Kings Langley’s suburbs.

The rail­way from Par­ra­matta to Black Town Road sta­tion was com­pleted as a single lane in 1860.

As time went on though, a res­id­ence and sid­ing were built nearby a level cross­ing at what was to one day become Toongab­bie Road in Decem­ber 1863. A plat­form was later on cre­ated in 1869 and any stops made at the sta­tion were sched­uled in the timetable from Septem­ber of that year. The road bridge on Seven Hills Road to the rail­way line was then con­struc­ted in 1975 after repla­cing the level cross­ing there.


On Aver­age Highest Max Temp: 28.4 °C

On Aver­age Low­est Max Temp: 17.4 °C

Warmest Month: Dec.

Coolest Month: July

Highest Pre­cip­it­a­tion: Feb.

Low­est Pre­cip­it­a­tion: July

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