Name: Motor­retro

Busi­ness type: Car & Bike body restoration/customised classes & workshop

Motor­retro is a vehicle/car & motor/bike body restoration/customised classes every Tues­day even­ing & all day Sat­urday cov­er­ing weld­ing, metal shap­ing and fab­ric­a­tion in our work­shop. We cater to com­plete begin­ners through to stu­dents with advanced skills.

We run small classes where you can learn:
• Hand form­ing and metal shap­ing skills
• How to use metal shap­ing / fab­ric­at­ing equip­ment such as the Eng­lish Wheel, plen­ish­ing ham­mer and the pull­max
• How to weld
• Pro­ject man­age­ment skills – how to get your dream build fin­ished and on the road!

Loc­a­tion: Fact­ory E2, 22 Powers Rd. Seven Hills, NSW 2147

Phone: Vaughan on 0409 987 564


Name: Seven Hills Signworks

Busi­ness type: Signwriter

Qual­ity sig­nage is always an invest­ment and can pos­it­ively pro­mote your busi­ness image so that you stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

First impres­sions these days are para­mount in busi­ness. At Sydney Sign­works we cre­ate visu­ally dis­tinct­ive signs that leave a last­ing and envi­able impression.

We pride ourselves on our qual­ity design, and the superb use of col­our and graphic com­pos­i­tion that are essen­tial in the art of sign­mak­ing. Our ser­vice, pro­fes­sion­al­ism and applic­a­tion of mod­ern tech­iques, mater­i­als and tra­di­tional crafts­man­ship will speak for itself.

Loc­a­tion: 2 Kul­goa St, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone: 02 9837 1198


Name: Cue­World

Busi­ness type: pool and bil­liard sport equipment.

Cue­World is Aus­tralia and New Zealand’s online source for qual­ity cue sport equip­ment. Whether you are search­ing for a new cue or accessor­ies such as cue cases, a Moori tip for your cue or even a Dia­mond pool table for your home…you will find it right here. We focus on import­ing qual­ity cues from top man­u­fac­tur­ers like Mezz, Meucci, Vik­ing, Fal­con, Fury, Pred­ator & Poison. Cue­World caters to the entry level pocket bil­liards player to the exper­i­enced professional.

Loc­a­tion: 5 Bot­any Boulevard  Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: 0411 226 335


Name: As Snug as a Bug

Busi­ness type: Safety Restraint Fit­ting Station

As Snug as a Bug” is a Sydney based Author­ised Safety Restraint Fit­ting Sta­tion that provides you with extens­ive ser­vice and inform­a­tion towards child restraints. We also oper­ate an Accred­ited Restraint Rental Plan. Snug as a Bug has oper­ated for 18 years.

Loc­a­tion: 227 –229 Pro­spect Hwy Seven Hills 2147

Phone: 02 9831 8002



Name: Funai IT Handy­man Ser­vices Pty Ltd

Busi­ness type: IT guru/help

If you’re like most Small Busi­nesses and Home users, your com­puter sys­tem is prob­ably in need of some kind of help.

These days, every­one knows a little bit about IT. But not every­one has the time or the inclin­a­tion to do all the IT-stuff a busi­ness or home needs. Funai IT Handy­man Ser­vices Pty Ltd website.

Loc­a­tion: 18 Car­ole Street  Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: 02 9674 7221 — 02 8005 1363



Web­site: Name: Seven Hills Phar­macist Advice

Busi­ness type: Pharmacist

Loc­a­tion: 36 John­son Avenue Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: 02 9674 4248


Name: Sam’s Mini Market

Busi­ness type: Food &/or Gen­eral Stores

Loc­a­tion: 36 John­son Ave, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone: 02 9620 6233


Name: M.S.W. Print­ing Services

Busi­ness type: Print­ers’ Sup­plies & Services

Loc­a­tion: 14 Car­ole St, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone: 02 9620 8299


Name: Allan Lee Chemist

Busi­ness type: Pharmacies

Loc­a­tion: 14 Sydney Joseph Drv, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone: 02 9624 1152


Name: Seven Kings Café

Busi­ness type: Cafe

Our menu offers a wide range of Italian spe­cial­ties such as Gurna­ment Piz­zas, Italian Salad, Tra­di­tional Pas­tas pizza and many more.   You can order online from us by click­ing the ORDER ONLINE but­ton and we will deliver our deli­cious food dir­ectly to your front door.   We look for­ward to serving you. Seven Kings Café website

Loc­a­tion: 18 Sydney Joseph Dr Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: 02 9620 9339


Name: RED POPPIES Wed­ding Flowers

Busi­ness type: Wed­ding flowers and decorations

Free Con­sulta­tion Once you have set your wed­ding date, and decided on an over­all col­our scheme or theme, it’s time to con­tact us.   Book a time to visit our home-based stu­dio in Win­ston Hills at a time that suits you; week­days, even­ings and lim­ited week­ends.   If you prefer, we are also exper­i­enced in final­ising all the details via phone and/or email. RED POPPIES Wed­ding Flowers website.

Loc­a­tion: Hills Dis­trict and Sydney Wide Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone: 0414 457 123

Name: Dex­ion Seven Hills

Busi­ness type: stor­age solutions

At Dex­ion Seven Hills you’ll get the best advice on qual­ity stor­age solu­tions from our team of know­ledge­able staff in a well-stocked, local show­room. We also offer a con­sultancy ser­vice, provide design expert­ise and are qual­i­fied to con­duct rack inspections.

Loc­a­tion: 12/6 Boden Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Phone:  (02) 9838 7770


Name: Pop­cake Inter­na­tional Pty Ltd

Busi­ness type: Pan cake machine manufacture

What is the busi­ness about: POPCAKE® in Seven Hills, the world’s first auto­matic pan­cake mak­ing machine spe­cific­ally designed for the com­mer­cial food­ser­vice industry.

Deliv­ers fresh, 97% fat-free deli­cious pan­cakes at the single press of a button!

Loc­a­tion: 52 The Cres Seven Hills, NSW, 2147

Phone:  (02) 9838 7099


Name: Woleco Hotel Sup­plies Pty Ltd

Busi­ness type: qual­ity amen­ity and OS&E products to hotels

Estab­lished in 1979, Woleco is a trus­ted name and one of the mar­ket lead­ers in sup­ply of qual­ity amen­ity and OS&E products to hotels and hotel groups worldwide.

Loc­a­tion: 18–20 Tucks Rd Seven Hills, NSW, 2147

Phone:  (02) 9676 2988


Name: Krimpi Pty Ltd

Busi­ness type: Whole­sale Bakery

Krimpi is a whole­sale Bakery in seven hills, we have mod­ern products in the “tra­di­tional” way, using min­imal addit­ives and with a strong pref­er­ence for nat­ural pre­ser­vat­ives. Simply put.… “Yesterday’s Tra­di­tion, Today’s Nutrition”.

  • Break­fast Bars & Whole­meal Snacks
  • Cook­ies
  • Dec­or­ate Your Own (DYO)
  • Gift Ideas
  • Ginger­bread Biscuits
  • Ginger­bread Houses

Loc­a­tion: Unit 1 18 Bear­ing Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone:  1800 211 148


Name: K & S Hot Bread Shop

Busi­ness type: Bakery

Loc­a­tion: The Hills Shop­ping Centre, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone:  (02) 9621 8974



Name: Cafe Paris

Busi­ness type: Café


I can hon­estly say that find­ing a café like this is SO RARE with their friendly ser­vice, and Amaz­ing food !!
Their SALAD’S and Coffee’s are ser­i­ously irres­ist­ible Yumm..

Loc­a­tion: 230 Pro­spect Hwy, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone:  (02) 9671 1115


Name: Cafe 167

Busi­ness type: cafes

Brunches Sand­wich Shop

Loc­a­tion: 167 Pro­spect Hwy, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone:  (02) 9674 6260



Name: J three 16 Gour­met Pizzas

Busi­ness type: cafe

Loc­a­tion: 2/6 Boden Road  Seven Hills NSW 2147, Aus­tralia (1 st floor Unit 2 6 Boden Rd).

Phone:  (02) 9624 1111



Name: Fresh and Tasty Bakery

Busi­ness type: bakeries

What is the busi­ness about: At Fresh and Tasty Bakery we provide our cus­tom­ers with freshly baked products daily. We deliver to res­taur­ants, pubs, clubs, cater­ing com­pan­ies, func­tion centres, you name it! Whether you’re after a large order at a whole­sale price, or per­haps look­ing for an edge over your com­pet­it­ors, we will work with you to provide the spe­cial­ised product/s you’re need­ing. Call or email us today!

Loc­a­tion: 2/ 6 Welder Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia

Phone:   (02) 9838 4176

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