Selling Your Property? Consider Property Styling!

Greystanes Before & Afters styling your home for sale


Your prop­erty has to look good online and in print, but also in per­son. How can you achieve this? By cre­at­ing a mem­or­able exper­i­ence — because it’s the prop­erty they recall at the end of their busy day that will have them com­ing back to yours.

Many argue that prop­erty styl­ing is just an addi­tional cost at the selling stage that can be avoided — how­ever to do so could be det­ri­mental to that final fig­ure you receive once that ham­mer has come down.

Prop­erty styl­ing is about put­ting your best foot for­ward. High­light­ing the great fea­tures of your prop­erty, while down­play­ing the not so desir­able. Prop­erty styl­ists are a great resource to pre­pare your home for sale, how­ever if your budget doesn’t allow it can also be achieved with your own exist­ing items and some clever placement.

Basic Guidelines Of Prop­erty Styl­ing Your Space For Open Days


  • Dis­play fresh flowers on tables or consoles
  • Reflect light or green­ery from out­doors with a wall mirror

Liv­ing Space

  • Declut­ter
  • Min­im­ise fur­niture to essen­tials — sofa, arm­chairs, cof­fee table, side tables and enter­tain­ment unit if applic­able. This will increase the flow for traffic on open days and high­light the avail­able space.
  • Make sure all elec­trical cords are hid­den or minimised.
  • Sym­metry is a strong visual — if you have 2 side tables, match 2 table lamps on them.
  • Remove all per­sonal photographs
  • Hang either mir­rors to reflect light or green­ery from out­side, or a large piece of art (or two smal­ler paired pieces together)


  • Declut­ter
  • Dis­play with bowl of fruit, dec­or­at­ive cook­book, pasta jars and cook­ing utensils in a jug (wooden spoon, whisk, egg flip, etc)


  • Declut­ter
  • Dis­play fresh flowers, or get cre­at­ive with a cluster of stacked plates, nap­kins, piles of cut­lery and bottles of wine and glasses for that ‘about to pre­pare for a cel­eb­ra­tion’ look!


  • Declut­ter
  • Keep linen basic — white fit­ted sheet, flat sheet, doona cover and pillows.
  • Intro­duce col­ours to tie in with exist­ing items in the room with the dec­or­at­ive cush­ions on the bed, accom­pan­ied with a tex­tured throw.
  • No built-in ward­robes? then make sure to include a dresser of some sort so the room doesn’t feel bar­ren (include a lamp, mir­ror and maybe a small stack of books to cre­ate interest)
  • Place one bed­side for 1–2 single beds in a room, but any­thing from a double bed up should have a bed­side table and lamp on each side. If it doesn’t fit, then the bed may be too large for the space.
  • If you have enough room, intro­duce a small stool or occa­sional chair to an empty corner, or bench or otto­man at the end of a bed.


  • Declut­ter
  • Dis­play with dec­or­at­ive candles and lux­ury soaps
  • Hang or neatly fold crisp white towels

Home Office / Study

  • Dis­play the PC or laptop, key­board, lamp and a few dec­or­at­ive books only
  • Declut­ter book­cases to the bare minimum
  • If you haven’t got a com­puter chair, use a nice occa­sional, din­ing chair or stool for some­thing more interesting.


  • Declut­ter
  • Tiled or paved out­door areas can be greatly refreshed with a high pres­sure gurney.
  • Sim­plify out­door fur­niture — remove everything but an out­door din­ing set­ting or lounge and BBQ.
  • Toys and play sets (unless large and per­man­ent) should be removed from sight.
  • Min­im­ise out­door plants to those that are the health­i­est and place in simple dec­or­at­ive plant­ers if not already.
  • Accessor­ise exist­ing set­tings with a tray, glasses and dec­or­at­ive bottles of water. Small plants such as suc­cu­lents look good on tab­letops, as well as dec­or­at­ive cush­ions to add colour.
  • Open up that out­door table mar­ket umbrella if you have one — make sure it’s clean and it’s not too windy a day!
  • Got a pool area? then bring out the sun chair or lounge and fold a brightly col­oured pool towel and place with a brightly col­oured cush­ion to invoke that party out­doors feel.

Gen­eral Throughout

  • Can’t be said enough — Declut­ter, declut­ter, declutter!
  • Most win­dow dress­ings are dated or very taste spe­cific — remove all that you can, as this will allow ample light and min­im­ise visual clutter.
  • Dead space in a room? Hang a small mir­ror, place a tall urn with taller sticks, or add a small occa­sional chair and cush­ion. Some­times this smal­ler odd spaces can make way for a small con­sole and chair imply­ing a study area — great for grow­ing fam­il­ies to see.
  • Stained car­pet or dam­aged wood floor­ing that can’t be repaired prior? simple! stra­tegic fur­niture and rug place­ment will dis­tract and assist in cre­at­ing lay­ers to the room in question.
  • Don’t leave walls empty — If you have large pieces of simple art or mir­rors — hang them stra­tegic­ally through­out. This not only cre­ates warmth and interest but cre­ates height by mak­ing the viewer look up higher than usual — walls are too easy to patch and paint to worry about holes from art and mir­rors — hang those beau­ties up!
  • Some­times it can’t be avoided — but a refresh of paint­work through­out really can make all the dif­fer­ence. Stick to white where you can but make sure you’re col­our con­sul­ted on the cor­rect white as they’re def­in­itely not all made equal.

Remem­ber: You’re want­ing to have pro­spect­ive pur­chasers ima­gine them­selves in this space. Make it easier for them by remov­ing any per­sonal items or ref­er­ences that could pos­sibly make them feel like they’re intrud­ing. The point is to make the house feel like a home they could lit­er­ally move into that day.

If the costs of styl­ing your home com­pletely seems out of reach, most prop­erty styl­ing com­pan­ies offer access­ory and linen pack­ages only, or the option of hir­ing just a few pieces as opposed to fit­ting out an entire home.

Not only can you take on board these simple guidelines to style your prop­erty for sale — but util­ise them for dec­or­at­ing and styl­ing your exist­ing home for a quick refresh of any space.

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Crys­tal Ames­bury is a freel­ance interior designer and dec­or­ator based in Inner West Sydney, NSW, Aus­tralia. Crys­tal holds a Dip­loma of Interior Design & Dec­or­a­tion, earned over years spent work­ing in sev­eral related indus­tries. Her pro­fes­sional qual­i­fic­a­tion, com­bined with her years of exper­i­ence in event hire, prop­erty redevel­op­ment & styl­ing, social media mar­ket­ing and retail man­age­ment, brings a unique and valu­able depth and breadth of skill to your interior design & decor pro­jects. Crys­tal is also a con­trib­utor to online home interi­ors & life­style magazine Adore Home Online Magazine, provid­ing product research and resourcing and con­duct­ing inter­views for this pop­u­lar Aus­tralian design destination.

Crys­tal draws on her diverse exper­i­ence to think out­side the box, bring­ing fresh ideas for your favour­ite spaces. Whether re-working or start­ing anew, Crys­tal can inter­pret your vis­ion, help­ing you achieve that per­fect bal­ance of com­fort, func­tion and beauty. From prop­erty and event styl­ing advice, to concept cre­ation and devel­op­ment for your interior design pro­jects, you’ll find that Crys­tal brings pas­sion and energy to all her con­sult­ing and design services

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