See Your Off-The-Plan Property In Virtual Reality Now!

Want to see your off-the-plan prop­erty before it’s built?

You can! We aim to show you the most hon­est rep­res­ent­a­tion of your off-the-plan prop­erty with our first-class vir­tual real­ity ser­vice. Using plans from the archi­tect, we build the prop­erty to scale, as well as offer pro­fes­sional loc­a­tion pho­tos, recre­ate the inclu­sions from the manufacturer’s spe­cific­a­tions, and even ori­ent­ate the home to rep­res­ent the after­noon and morn­ing sunlight.



This invalu­able ser­vice allows you to get a head start on design­ing and fur­nish­ing your prop­erty, as you’ll see the style of fur­niture that will fit (we can even show you some examples), and soon we will be able to offer real-time col­our change. This new tech­no­logy will give you a good idea of what your house will look like in a par­tic­u­lar col­our without the time and effort of re/painting. We are also very excited to soon be offer­ing the abil­ity to vir­tu­ally change taps, counter tops, open cup­boards and much more.

Think about it; you can walk through your new home and change aspects such as the wall col­our, floor­boards, as well as where you want your power, inter­net, and tele­vi­sion con­nec­tions. Then, it’s simply a mat­ter of giv­ing this list to the builder before con­struc­tion has even com­menced and includ­ing it in the con­tract to avoid any con­fu­sion. This pro­cess will help to elim­in­ate dis­putes, uncer­tainty, changes dur­ing or after the build, as well cost/time sav­ings for you and the developer. Every­body wins!

Is there a down side to buy­ing an off-the-plan property?

We under­stand your con­cerns about what your new prop­erty will actu­ally look like and how much space you will really be get­ting. Some of you may even be wor­ried about the developer poten­tially chan­ging fix­tures, fit­tings, and in some cases even the lay­out, which can add to unwel­come soli­citor costs and stress.

Fear no more! Developers have a ves­ted interest in build­ing your home accord­ing to the vir­tual real­ity spe­cific­a­tions, as they have spent thou­sands of dol­lars on cre­at­ing your vir­tual home. As a fur­ther safe­guard, we do not ask our pro­gram­mers to cre­ate the home until the soli­citor has cer­ti­fied all the inclu­sions, the design is final­ised by the archi­tect and coun­cil has given its approval.

This pro­cess bene­fits the buyer and the developer because they are able to com­mu­nic­ate with the same build­ing plan. It allows each party to know exactly what the fin­ished product will be and pre­vent costly miscommunication.

In our opin­ion, the best part about cre­at­ing a vir­tual real­ity home is that you can get a real­istic idea of what your home will look like, which encour­ages you to ask the right ques­tions. There is really noth­ing else out there that will help build your con­fid­ence more when buy­ing your home off the plan.



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