Repairs & Possible Outcomes If Not Completed In Timely Manner

Repairs & Pos­sible Out­comes If Not Com­pleted In Timely Manner

Whilst we know some prop­er­ties in Seven Hills seem to have a never-ending run of repairs it is still very import­ant to know the import­ance of not com­plet­ing cer­tain repairs in a timely manner.

Under the Res­id­en­tial Ten­an­cies Act 2010 and Res­id­en­tial Ten­an­cies Reg­u­la­tion 2010 the law states:

The landlord’s obligations

The land­lord agrees:

  • To provide the premises in a ‘reas­on­ably’ clean state and fit for you to live in
  • To provide and main­tain the premises in ‘reas­on­able’ repair – even if the landlord/agent told you about any dis­repair at the premises before you moved in
  • To make any repairs referred to in the ori­ginal con­di­tion report.

Reas­on­able’ repair depends on the age of the premises, the amount of rent paid and the poten­tial life of the premises.

There have been many cases brought before the Depart­ment of Fair Trad­ing (tribunal hear­ing) where ten­ants have been awar­ded com­pens­a­tion as a res­ult of repairs that were not com­pleted. It can range from the extreme as in loss of sec­tion of a home, an air con­di­tioner or dish­washer no longer work­ing to a simple leak­ing tap which res­ults in higher water usage that is pay­able by the tenant.

No prop­erty man­ager likes to make the “repair call” to a Land­lord but as your prop­erty man­ager we also real­ise the import­ance and the reper­cus­sions of let­ting them go.

Another com­mon prob­lem with out­stand­ing repairs is if the ten­ant was to be given a rent increase and they feel that the increase isn’t war­ran­ted due to lack of repairs being com­pleted on the prop­erty which again can res­ult in action through the Depart­ment of Fair Trading.

In regards to urgent repairs if the landlord/agent can­not be con­tac­ted or is unwill­ing to do any urgent repairs, or if they are tak­ing too long to do them, the ten­ant can also arrange for the repairs to be done up to the reas­on­able value of up to $1,000 to which you are obliged to pay within 14 days of your notice.

So hav­ing our trades­man attend to these issues will be far cheaper than a ten­ant arran­ging someone out of the phone book.

If you would like to stay on top of these repairs have a look at our “Prop­erty Lifespan Guidelines”.


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