Property Under Siege! & What You Need To Know About Replacing Appliances


Last month on the Gold Coast in Qld a rental prop­erty was sur­roun­ded by police, an ambu­lance, fire trucks and spe­cial forces for more than 30 hours when a ten­ant was allegedly threat­en­ing to blow up him­self and his ren­ted house, res­ult­ing in nearby res­id­ents being evacuated.

police storming seven hills property

As part of the stand-off police had to remove a sec­tion of the front part of the house.

The ten­ant dur­ing the 30-hour stand-off took a sledge ham­mer to the internal walls, win­dows and doors of the prop­erty, almost des­troy­ing the internal struc­ture. This res­ul­ted in a repair bill of approx­im­ately $65,000.

We do appre­ci­ate that this is some­thing that most land­lords would not have to encounter… but what if it did?

This is a timely reminder to pro­mote and ensure that all land­lords have cur­rent land­lord pro­tec­tion insur­ance to ensure that the prop­erty is covered for dam­age and fin­an­cial loss.

Is your insur­ance up-to-date?





It is all too com­mon with rental prop­er­ties that at some stage appli­ances will break down or simply cease to work.

As an investor it is import­ant to be aware that it is your respons­ib­il­ity to main­tain all fix­tures, fit­tings and appli­ances within the prop­erty, and the tenant’s respons­ib­il­ity to keep them clean.

If the appli­ance forms part of the ten­ancy it must be main­tained, repaired or replaced when required.

rental properties REPLACING APPLIANCES

On occa­sions, investors have reques­ted that the appli­ance be removed from the prop­erty and not replaced.

The ten­ant has a legal right to have the use of all appli­ances through­out the ten­ancy. If you do not wish to replace the item (and the ten­ant agrees) you will be required to pos­sibly pay com­pens­a­tion for the loss of the appliance.

It is import­ant to be pro­act­ive and budget in advance for these unex­pec­ted events and costs.

You may also like to con­sider rent­ing the appli­ances for the prop­erty, which is a tax deduc­tion, and you don’t need to worry about main­tain­ing, repair­ing or repla­cing the item.



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