Property owners without adequate insurance could face financial ruin!

car crash seven hillsProp­erty own­ers without adequate pub­lic liab­il­ity insur­ance could face fin­an­cial ruin if ten­ants or their vis­it­ors are injured on their rental prop­erty.  And the worst part about many acci­dents is that they could eas­ily have been avoided.

Clas­sic examples of prob­lems that could turn into legal mine­fields include win­dows that do not have safety glass, bal­conies and stairs that are not secure, slip­pery paths and inad­equate lighting.

Investors, should under­stand it is import­ant to know your choices when it comes to pre­serve your invest­ment prop­erty and its contents.

It hap­pens often when in moments of tragedy – e.g. a house fire or burg­lary – when investors find out they are under­insured.  By this time, it is too late.

Some other poten­tial issues are: Trees branches — over­hanging, low, or weak branches should be cut, Gut­ter­ing and Roof Tiles - should be removed to pre­vent any of these items cre­at­ing more damage.

  • injur­ies from fly­ing debris. Bal­conies - need to be stable, with no rot­ting posts or sup­ports Win­dows - should have
  • safety glass Taps - should be fit­ted with tem­per­at­ure con­trol­lers to pre­vent scalding
  • Garden Hoses - ped­es­tri­ans can trip on hoses left on footpaths
  • Elec­tri­city - safety switches must be installed to pre­vent electrocution
  • Garden Paths - should not be slip­pery, or have loose or cracked pavers
  • Stairs - should have stable safety rails
  • Car­pets - must be in good con­di­tion and not frayed or in need of stretch­ing, which could cause an acci­dent. This is espe­cially crit­ical on staircases

Given the explo­sion in lit­ig­a­tion (gen­er­ated in part by the aggress­ive advert­ising by the legal fra­tern­ity on a ‘no win, no charge’ basis and the increas­ing num­ber of class actions) we believe that pub­lic liab­il­ity insur­ance is a neces­sity for all prop­erty owners.

The shock of under­insur­ing (or not insur­ing at all) a invest­ment prop­erty can be over­whelm­ing when you need to con­tinue to pay the mort­gage, but no rent com­ing in and lack of money to rebuild

You should check with your insur­ance adviser to ensure you have the cor­rect policy and suf­fi­cient cover, at your own home and invest­ment property.




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