Maximising Your Rental Potential, Top 4 Tips From An Investment Property Manager!


Tip 1: Make The Most Of The Time You Have In Between Tenants

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Make the most of the time you have in between ten­ants.  When your invest­ment prop­erty in Seven Hills NSW is vacant this is an ideal time to attend to the main­ten­ance items which you have not had the chance pre­vi­ously to do.  For example touch­ing up paint work on gut­ters, facia boards, win­dow frames & eves.  The dif­fer­ence a lick of paint will do is amaz­ing from the street view.



Tip 2: Make Sure All External And Internal Win­dows Are Cleaned

Make sure all external and internal win­dows are cleaned.  If a prop­erty has been vacant for some time and the weather has been bad, clean­ing all win­dows will enhance the appear­ance of your invest­ment prop­erty to poten­tial renters.  Wash­ing or repla­cing worn out cur­tains can also lift the internal appear­ance of the prop­erty.  Per­haps updat­ing cur­tains with slim­line vene­tians etc which will mod­ern­ise the prop­er­ties rooms.  Enhan­cing the appear­ance of your invest­ment prop­erty can also increase the pos­sible weekly rental.


Tip 3: Installing Ceil­ing Fans In The Sum­mer Will Cer­tainly Help To Make Your Invest­ment Prop­erty Attractive

Seven hills nsw snail speedInstalling ceil­ing fans in the sum­mer will cer­tainly help to make your invest­ment prop­erty attract­ive to poten­tial renters.  Ten­ants are very focused on such items depend­ing on the sea­son in which your prop­erty is try­ing to attract ten­ants.  Sum­mer the first things a poten­tial ten­ant will be look­ing for is a fan or some kind of air con­di­tion­ing.  Winter months the focus is changed to heat­ing.  Obvi­ously run­ning costs of such items must also be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion.  Oil heat­ers are the less pop­u­lar choice with renters, as the cost of buy­ing oil has increased over the years.  If your prop­erty is attract­ive to poten­tial renters this also has an impact on the weekly rental, as demand dic­tates pos­sible rental increases.


Tip 4: Look At Your Prop­er­ties Garden From A Renter’s Point Of View

Look at your prop­er­ties garden from a renter’s point of view.  Is it low main­ten­ance and easy to care for?  If not per­haps think of repla­cing plants and redesign­ing to cut out the need for a lot of weed­ing etc.  Ten­ants are attrac­ted to prop­er­ties with low main­ten­ance gar­dens.  Also con­sider how much water does the garden require?  If ten­ants are pay­ing water charges then a garden which requires a high level of water­ing dur­ing the sum­mer months is going to be less attract­ive to poten­tial ten­ants.  A prop­erty which attracts poten­tial renters can also attract a higher rental.

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