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This is not a happy story but I believe every prop­erty owner not just Seven Hills needs to read to remem­ber that prop­erty man­age­ment really is ser­i­ous business.


Man­age­ment is

Ser­i­ous Business!

The death of baby Isa­bella who fell from her father’s arms when his foot went through a rot­ten ver­anda has promp­ted a cor­oner to recom­mend an over­haul of the rental industry and how main­ten­ance of prop­er­ties is managed.

Isa­bella was seven weeks old when her father dropped her over the ver­anda after his foot went through a rot­ten piece of wood in their ren­ted home.

Isa­bella suffered a frac­tured skull and passed away a few hours later.

The details of Isabella’s death, which have been made very pub­lic via the media, are simply just too hor­rific and graphic to share.

What we need to take from this tra­gic  story  is  that as  a  prop­erty owner and as man­aging agents we both have a duty of care to ensure that the prop­erty is fit and safe for the ten­ant to reside.

Our internal pre­ven­tion policies to min­im­ise risk to ten­ants con­sists of:

  • Reg­u­lar routine inspections
  • Edu­cat­ing the ten­ants on the import­ance of noti­fy­ing our agency in writ­ing with main­ten­ance concerns
  • Strong recom­mend­a­tions to prop­erty own­ers to con­duct annual build­ing, pest and pool safety inspections
  • Record­ing everything in writing
  • Open com­mu­nic­a­tion and fol­low up until main­ten­ance issues are resolved

If our office does provide you (as the owner) with feed­back on repairs, renov­a­tions or main­ten­ance it is import­ant that all parties act promptly.

When man­aging main­ten­ance we are very pro­act­ive, espe­cially when deal­ing with high risk areas.

do not enter AREAS OF HIGH RISK for properties

Invest­ment Prop­erty AREAS OF HIGH RISK

  • Dry rot on stairs, ver­andahs and railings
  • Faulty locks
  • Elec­trical issues
  • Pool safety compliance
  • Inad­equate light­ing around the external para­met­ers of the property
  • Ripples, tears or loose threads in the carpet
  • Any­thing to do with the struc­ture of the building

Just to name a few…



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