landlord/tenant relationship and discrepancy between the agreed rent

landlord/tenant relationship had deteriorated

We recently came to the aid of a land­lord where the land­lord had ren­ted and man­aged his own prop­erty in Seven Hills to the same ten­ant for nearly 2 years. The ten­ant became aware that there was a dis­crep­ancy between the agreed rent and the rent stated on the RTA (Res­id­en­tial Ten­ancy Agree­ment), and as such stopped pay­ing rent and made a claim against the owner for over­paid rent. It also came to light that other areas of the agree­ment could also be seen as contentious.

The Res­id­en­tial Ten­ancy Agree­ment is a form that is com­pleted by (or on the behalf of) the land­lord and signed by both the land­lord and ten­ant. This form states the rent amount, bond amount, method of pay­ment along with other import­ant ten­ancy inform­a­tion. A copy of this form has to be given to the ten­ant at the start of ten­ancy and whenever any changes are made.

Some land­lords think that man­aging the prop­erty them­selves can save them the cost of the agent’s fees or that it can also help build a more dir­ect rela­tion­ship with their ten­ant. This may work if you live nearby and have the spare time to do all the work (Such as organ­ising repairs, inspect­ing the prop­erty or going to the NSW Civil and Admin­is­trat­ive Tribunal when needed). You also have to know your way around the ten­ancy laws.

How­ever, if you don’t live near the prop­erty, are busy and espe­cially if don’t know the laws very well, then using an agent may be a more sens­ible option.

In the case of this par­tic­u­lar land­lord, what had star­ted out as a healthy landlord/tenant rela­tion­ship had deteri­or­ated to a point where the mat­ter is now before the C.T.T.T. (Con­sumer Trader & Ten­ancy Tribunal) with the out­come yet to be decided.

The Seven Hills land­lord has real­ized how­ever, that any sav­ing of man­aging a prop­erty him­self has cost him much more in time, money and effort as he was not fully aware of cur­rent oblig­a­tions under the Act.

It is worth­while for any land­lord to take the time to select the right agent to man­age their prop­erty. The key points are to verify that they are fully licenced and that they are exper­i­enced in the Res­id­en­tial Ten­an­cies Act 2010. If you would like to ask us any ques­tions about sim­ilar issues or need help with man­aging your prop­erty please give us a call.


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