Lalor Park is changing and it’s not in the way you think

When you hear the word Lalor Park what comes to mind;Lalor park Burnt out car scate park

  • Is it hous­ing commission?
  • Graf­fiti?
  • Or is it crime and burnt out cars?


Well I’m about to let you know about what is really hap­pen­ing within Lalor Park and it is chan­ging for the bet­ter through the sweat, blood and tears of every­day com­munity volunteers.

Lalor Park’s Bad stigma is slowly fading

The stigma behind Lalor Park starts with it being a sub­urb of West­ern Sydney, and with it pre­vi­ously hav­ing a large amount of hous­ing com­mis­sion homes. Now for some people, that is enough to write off this little sub­urb, but that those that live there is an Aus­sie spirit of mate­ship I haven’t seen for a while.

Picnic in the Park, hosted by The Lalor Park Community Garden Inc

I have spent years walk­ing the streets of Lalor Park and talk­ing to homeown­ers. What I love about them is how upfront and fair dinkum they are. When was the last time you spoke to someone that was from Lalor Park.

If you had spoken to someone recently you would notice an optim­ism for the sub­urb. Don’t for­get Lalor Park bor­ders with Kings Langley which was voted the fifth best sub­urb in Sydney (Greater). It also runs along­side Seven Hills, which is one of the sub­urbs that has had the most home value price growth in Sydney for 2014. Black­town its self has gone through a massive trans­form­a­tion, and in Smart Prop­erty Investment’s Fast 50 report, three experts picked Black­town as a sub­urb to watch for cap­ital growth.

Now with reg­u­lar com­munity activ­it­ies such as Pic­nic in the park, Movies in Chif­ley Park, reg­u­lar garden­ing meetups and even their own Anzac dawn ser­vice, this is truly a com­munity that has united.

A seed of hope has been planted in Lalor Park

When was the last time you have been to Lalor Park shops? Has it been a year or two?
well it used to have a car park full of potholes, graf­fiti, and no one wanted to hang around but to get their neces­sit­ies and leave asap!

Lalor Park Skatepark ‘StreetWise’009

Now the entire atmo­sphere has changed for the bet­ter. A small little seed has been planted, call the Com­mon Groundz Com­munity Cafe. This cafe has opened com­mu­nic­a­tion with the com­munity and has star­ted a move­ment of look­ing after one another. From this cafe other pro­jects have star­ted to ger­min­ate and now people feel safe, secure, and included.

ARTIST Dani­elle Rawnsley-Galistan said to me “Ori­gin­ally nobody wanted to come to the shops, but now with the cafe, gar­dens, and mur­als young and old come here to enjoy themselves”.

Dani­elle has been paint­ing mur­als all round the shops and the com­munity centre where the skate park is. Graf­fiti has been dra­mat­ic­ally reduced thanks to her efforts and some people come to the area just to see the murals.

A new face of Lalor Park is being painted

Lalor Park murals Artist Danielle Rawnsley-Galistan

Now Dani­elle has star­ted one of her biggest mur­als yet. It will be of fam­ous faces that have changed the world for the bet­ter. This will not just be like any mural she has done before as this one will be com­ing with a doc­u­ment­ary of How Lalor Park is changing.

ARTIST Danielle Rawnsley-Galistan from community groundz cafe Lalor Park

Re-gentrification has already started

Re-gentrification is hap­pen­ing right now, before our very eyes and is being pushed along quicker than nor­mal by the community.

Lalor Park Anzac dawn service, By The Lalor Park Community Garden Inc
Hous­ing com­mis­sion prop­er­ties are being sold to owner occu­pi­ers. Afford­ab­il­ity for young couples and first home buy­ers is being pushed out to Sydney’s west at an alarm­ing rate.

Black­town Council’s draft Local Envir­on­mental Plan has zoned Seven Hills as an ‘‘Urban Renewal Pre­cincts’’. Not to men­tion the infra­struc­ture being built in Black­town itself!

All these factors point to prop­erty growth as desire to live in this sub­urb rises, and home buy­ers start to see the pos­it­ive changes for themselves.

Lalor Park is in the middle of all of this growth with its hilly quiet tree-lined streets and Aus­sie spirit is surely a dia­mond in the rough.


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