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Com­mon Groundz Com­munity Cafe
Date Pub­lished: 02/06/2014
Com­mon Groundz Com­munity Cafe is unlike any other Cafe I have been to. They put the “Com­munity” into “Com­munity Café”. You can always tell a lot about a sub­urb by its cafes and Com­mon Groundz is no excep­tion. This is truly a cafe that is mak­ing a sig­ni­fic­ant impact in the com­munity, and I don’t take that com­ment lightly. This cafe was ori­gin­ally foun­ded by grass­roots meals and vari­ous local churches out reaches and that’s what has made this café special.
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The Cof­fee

The Cof­fee isn’t overly import­ant when it comes to review­ing a cafe like this. Their cof­fee beans are impor­ted and are cer­ti­fied fair trade beans. If I rated this cafe only on the qual­ity of the cof­fee I would have missed what makes this cafe so special.

I would have to rate the cof­fee 3/5 stars, but know­ing what I know now I do not hold a grudge. Would def­in­itely start mak­ing Com­mon Groundz one of my top cof­fee shops to reg­u­larly visit. They mainly rely on volun­teers and take stu­dents learn­ing the del­ic­ate art of mak­ing a fine cof­fee, and they are unbe­liev­ably friendly.

The food

The food is hand made in store. Depend­ing on what you order it may take some time to come out but it is defi­antly made with love. They are quick to serve you and to let you know how long it will take. I would not expect 5/5 star food like the trendy cafes in Surry Hills and Glebe, but I would say it’s very tasty.

Common Groundz Community Cafe menu

I ordered one of their most pop­u­lar meals, a chicken burrito. It had very simple fla­vours, lots of cheese and toasted mmmmmmm….. Lisa, the friendly wait­ress also sug­ges­ted the bur­gers which are pop­u­lar as well.

The inside and out­side vibe and Décor

I love the interior dec­or­a­tion done by the com­munity, and a local artist. There is a beau­ti­fully painted mural all across one wall with lots of art on the walls, some even done by the local Lalor Park Primary School.

The art­work is quite impress­ive and if you’re into art this will keep you occu­pied for some time. I will admit that the table and chairs are a little basic, but you soon for­get this look­ing at all the pho­tos of the people that have ban­ded together to make this café possible.

 Common Groundz Community Cafe photos

The noise level is at a medium as the entire com­munity con­greg­ate here and I’m not kid­ding. Some are hap­pily loud and down-to-earth. I would say tell it like it is type people, and always happy to start a con­ver­sa­tion with a stranger. This café has a vibe like no other and are left with a feel­ing that I just left home (the café).

Com­mon Groundz is always con­sist­ently hav­ing some­thing on. If it’s not a live band or doing some­thing in the Lalor Park com­munity garden, their mak­ing cof­fees using their cus­tom ‘cof­fee de wheelz’ trailer. On a side note. They use this trailer, to cook and brew free meals at large local events.

The staff

The staff are down to earth and friendly. If you look on their Face­book page I’m sure that there is plenty of people out there that will agree with me, that their cus­tomer ser­vice is the warmest and friend­li­est out there.

They know their reg­u­lar cus­tom­ers by name and aren’t afraid to have a chat to you about local issues. One per­son com­men­ted on their Face­book page, “The best of the best where cof­fee meets food meets faith”. I am sure, is talk­ing about how com­pas­sion­ate the staff are to accept every­body and help where they can. I would rate the staff 5/5 stars.


I would have to say this cafe has become an integ­ral part of the Lalor Park com­munity. This cafe is the hub where people can con­nect over food and enjoy the time. This cafe is a “must visit” attrac­tion. If you’re look­ing to buy a home in the sub­urb I recom­mend you spend some time at this café. This will help you get a real good feel for the community.

Common Groundz Community Cafe Mural painting on IGA wall Lalor Park

Over­all I give this cafe a 4/5 stars just because I had never seen any­thing like it, and it does what a good cafe should do, con­nect people over cof­fee. I would even go on to say Com­mon Groundz and their events are help­ing a whole com­munity band together. Check out their Com­mon Groundz Face­book page to get a glimpse of what this cafe is all about.


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