Real Estate Roundup Insights Reveals Steady Market Ahead

Here are some inter­est­ing reads that I have picked up over the last couple of weeks. I have found there is a bit of scare­mon­ger­ing hap­pen­ing around real estate at the moment but most of these claims have been ill founded.

Most experts are claim­ing a con­ser­vat­ive growth over this year. I can see Toongab­bie and it’s sur­round­ing areas con­tinue to grow but not as the huge price growth that we’ve had last year.


I have found it inter­est­ing, that in a Com­mon­weath bank art­icle they are now sug­gest­ing prop­erty around Pendle Hill and Wentworthville. They think this a new hot­spot, but we think this has been a hot­spot for some­time. We are def­in­itely still see­ing a large steady amount of home buy­ers come through our open homes.


This art­icle is more about a sub mar­ket in the inner west of Sydney but still an inter­est­ing read. I guess that would affect their mar­ket if they have a large per­cent­age of bankers in that suburb.


I was read­ing an art­icle by a US eco­nom­ist that claimed Aus­tralia was in a bubble, and we were going to loose half of our prop­erty val­ues. I even star­ted to believe this prop­erty bubble myself. Until I read this art­icle by Michael Yard­ney. He dis­pels this claim and offers an explan­a­tion that is quite clean cut that makes per­fect sense. I believe we have a strong mar­ket based on good eco­nomic fun­da­ment­als, you should def­in­itely read Michael’s art­icle to get a deeper understanding.




Seven Hills Real Estate Market Is Hot

I found this art­icle spike my curi­os­ity because every single art­icle in the media is say­ing how well the mar­ket is doing, so it’s inter­est­ing to find a dif­fer­ent take that says the mar­ket may not be doing as well as we think.

When I talk to buy­ers that are look­ing to get into the mar­ket say, “that prices are gone way too high”. The find­ings of the sur­vey def­in­itely make sense. This does not sug­gest the slow­down in the mar­ket, but I don’t think we will see the 12% growth in prices that we saw last year.

I still think we are set for a huge year, as people still have money to spend and the price range around the Seven Hills area is still very afford­able with the low interest rate. The mar­ket has main­tained the fast pace we saw towards the end of last year, with many buy­ers still look­ing for their dream property.

As proof of the New Year keep­ing pace and stay­ing pos­it­ive, the first week back we saw 18 Pendle Way, Pendle hill attract a massive 82 buyer groups at the first open home res­ult­ing in a superb sale price of $68,000 above the ask­ing price. Another prop­erty at 12 Knox Street Pendle Hill saw close to 50 parties attend the first open and a sale at a massive $101,000 above the ask­ing price.


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