How Security Systems Can Save You Money

You prob­ably know how well secur­ity sys­tems work when it comes to safe­guard­ing your home and pos­ses­sions, but did you know that a proper sys­tem can also be cost effect­ive? The many advant­ages that come along with hav­ing a sound home secur­ity setup make it a smart investment.

Here are just some of the ways you can save money by hav­ing a home secur­ity system.

How To Save Money on home Security Systems

Lower Insur­ance Premiums

On aver­age, home insur­ance premi­ums are sig­ni­fic­antly lower when you have a secur­ity sys­tem installed. The reason is because it’s less risky to insure a home that is well pro­tec­ted — houses with alarm and secur­ity sys­tems are burgled less and are not tar­geted as fre­quently for crimes.

The same goes for fire and water dam­age. Most secur­ity sys­tems these days are cap­able of detect­ing fire and smoke and have built-in safety meas­ures that pro­tect against these dangers. If you have a secur­ity sys­tem installed in your home, be sure to let your insur­ance pro­vider know about it. Odds are you’ll get a dis­count on your premi­ums and save on your insur­ance costs each month.

It’s not just homeown­ers that can take advant­age of this bene­fit — renters can also save on insur­ance costs by hav­ing secur­ity sys­tems in their units. If you sub­scribe to the mon­it­or­ing ser­vice con­nec­ted to your secur­ity sys­tem, you may be able to get even more money shaved off your home insur­ance premium.

Added Con­veni­ence

Tech­no­logy has made it pos­sible to have a home secur­ity sys­tem that not only wards off crim­in­als but also increases the over­all effi­ciency of your house. If you have an older secur­ity setup, con­sider upgrad­ing to some­thing that will help you save money in dif­fer­ent ways.

For instance, there are secur­ity sys­tems avail­able that also work as pro­gram­mable light and tem­per­at­ure con­trols. Hav­ing your ther­mo­stat and home secur­ity linked can lead to lower energy bills and greater convenience.

Ima­gine being able to activ­ate your alarm, turn off any for­got­ten lights, and set your home’s tem­per­at­ure while you’re away, all from your smart­phone or tab­let — these are the types of fea­tures and cost sav­ing bene­fits that you can get from upgrad­ing your home security.

Invest­ing in the sys­tem itself may cause you to moment­ar­ily hes­it­ate, but the amount that you gain back is usu­ally worth it. Within just a year, an advanced home secur­ity sys­tem with energy sav­ing fea­tures can eas­ily pay for itself.

The Pro­fes­sional Difference

All of these bene­fits per­tain to pro­fes­sion­ally installed secur­ity sys­tems. Yes, there are do it your­self options on the mar­ket that may seem attract­ive due to a lower price, but it’s not the same caliber of pro­tec­tion that a pro­fes­sional sys­tem provides.

The same goes for installing new safety devices on your win­dows and doors. Have a pro­fes­sional install your new door, gar­age, and win­dow locks rather than attempt­ing to do so your­self. An expert lock­smith will not only do the job cor­rectly, but will also ensure all ele­ments are func­tion­ing as they should.

It’s less expens­ive to have a pro­fes­sional install your sys­tem than it is to have someone repair dam­age that you did to your home due to lack of know­ledge and skill. As a bonus, most installers are happy to give you safety tips and show you how to take full advant­age of your system’s con­trols and features.

By fol­low­ing these tips you’ll not only save money and increase your home’s secur­ity, but you’ll also gain invalu­able peace of mind.


Nathan is a founder of Lock­smith Sydney provides the resources you need to make sure your prop­erty is safe and secure. He spe­cial­izes in help­ing prop­erty own­ers find the best lock­smith for their secur­ity needs.

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