How Safe Does Your Property Have To Be?

We have had sev­eral cases over the past couple of months in Seven Hills NSW where ten­ants with young chil­dren have moved into a two-storey prop­erty to then dis­cover that there are no secur­ity screens or screens at all on the second-level windows.

One ten­ant repor­ted that their two year old was climb­ing on the toi­let cistern and try­ing to escape from the win­dow.
This leads to the ques­tion of, should the prop­erty owner be respons­ible to install screens?
While the Ten­ancy Act does not clearly state that you must install screens to the prop­erty – com­mon law and the require­ments of duty of care would sug­gest that the owner should put in screens to the property.

When own­ing a prop­erty you have a duty of care to ensure that the prop­erty is fit and safe for the ten­ant to reside.

If there is poten­tial risk for injury on a prop­erty it must be addressed.

Seven Hills House Safe

The fact that a ten­ant has raised the risk should also send alarm bells to act quickly.
You can­not refer back to an agree­ment or ten­ant applic­a­tion that states that the ten­ant accepted

the prop­erty in its cur­rent condition.

Dur­ing the ten­ant selec­tion pro­cess of rent­ing a prop­erty it is import­ant to take safety mat­ters into con­sid­er­a­tion, espe­cially when young chil­dren are involved.


For example – the fol­low­ing fea­tures of a prop­erty may not be suit­able for small children:


  • Open access to a main road
  • Canal or water­front prop­er­ties with no fen­cing (it is not a legis­lated require­ment to have these areas fenced)
  • Prop­er­ties that are not fenced
  • Win­dows that do not have screens


If you have any cur­rent con­cerns about your prop­erty, please feel wel­come to con­tact our office on 02 9896 2333




Fear in oth­ers is an oppor­tun­ity for you. It has been an ideal period for investors. A cli­mate of fear is an investor’s best friend. Those who invest only when com­ment­at­ors are upbeat end up pay­ing a heavy price for mean­ing­less reassurance.


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