Free Fitness Classes In Parramatta To Help People Get In Shape

FREE FITNESS CLASSES IN PARRAMATTANeed Inspir­a­tion & Account­ab­il­ity?
Don’t like exer­cising alone?
Don’t have the money for gym fees?

Fitt Club has been run­ning for a few months in Perth ini­tially with one small group. Now there are 5 reg­u­lar groups with a plan for 60 in mul­tiple loc­a­tions within the next 6 months.

It’s About Pro­mot­ing A Healthy Act­ive Lifestyle

The stats and facts are out there about obesity and lack of exer­cise. So Fitt Club is about bring­ing people together to social­ise and get act­ive. Whether you are a novice or an ath­lete, you exer­cise to your own level. We are not per­sonal train­ers; we are a group of people who want to exer­cise together.

So What Is It In Essence? And Why Is It FREE?

It’s FREE because the health coaches who run them are exer­cising any­way for their own fit­ness levels and they just hap­pen to have a whole bunch of people to exer­cise with. At the end of each ses­sion we dis­cuss nutri­tion res­ults that some of the par­ti­cipants have achieved and in some cases attendees ask for more inform­a­tion, which the health coaches will help with.

A few years ago Nic­ola Weaver decided to make some minor changes to her health through good nutri­tion, as she wanted to feel fit and healthy as she approached her 40’s. She achieved her weight loss goal and with her new found massive energy decided to train and run a full mara­thon. 8 months of train­ing she com­pleted The Out­back Run at Ayers Rock in 4.5hrs. After all the train­ing Nic­ola wanted to main­tain her fit­ness levels but she is not a gym per­son, nor enjoyed many other sports but loves being act­ive and outside.

Nicola’s friend had cre­ated a small com­munity group called Fitt Club Perth, which was a group of people get­ting together for walks and exer­cise, which was social and fun. It didn’t feel like a gym work out and the groups were mixed in fit­ness levels and every­one was doing what they could and encour­aging one another so she decided to cre­ate her own group.

There are now 5 Fitt Club (3 x reg­u­lar exer­cise, Fitt Club Run & Fitt Club Cycle) groups in Perth with many more planned for the com­ing months in vari­ous loc­a­tions. Think about what you enjoy doing to be act­ive and that’s what we create.


Nic­ola lived in Sydney for 5 years and is a fre­quent vis­itor and wants to real­ise her dream of hav­ing Fitt Clubs in mul­tiple loc­a­tions to reach a wider audi­ence to help more people in our com­munit­ies get act­ive. Par­ra­matta is a grow­ing area in NSW of which Nic­ola see’s a great oppor­tun­ity for Fitt Club to hit the ground running!

So, how do you get involved?
Either find us on Meet Up or Face­book or call Nic­ola 0414 378 733 for a chat if you are inter­ested in being one of the Health Coaches or you just want to come along to get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE?

Fitt Club is about pro­mot­ing a Healthy Act­ive Life­style. Get­ting out doors, hav­ing fun…and best of all it’s FREE! [microinv id=microinv_1358210809]


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