Digital Antenna Changeover Update For Landlords and Tenants

As you are prob­ably aware, by the end of this year, Ana­log TV sig­nals will be switched off around Australia.

This means that Aus­tralian TV will be broad­cast using digital-only sig­nals and to access this, your prop­erty will need to be digital ready or their ten­ants will lose their access to free-to-air TV.


If the rental prop­erty cur­rently has an antenna, you as the Land­lord are obliged to keep it in work­ing order. This would include upgrad­ing it to receive digital TV or digital satel­lite TV.


Most anten­nas receive digital sig­nals without any prob­lems, espe­cially those made after 2000. In some cases, equip­ment may need to be upgraded to receive a reli­able digital signal.

Digital Changeover Antennas For Landlords and Tenants

Dia­gnosis of the need to upgrade your antenna

If any of your ten­ants or land­lords have a digital TV or a set top box and they are cur­rently watch­ing digital TV with no inter­fer­ence then they will not need to upgrade their antenna.


How­ever, if they are cur­rently get­ting inter­fer­ence on one or more digital TV chan­nels then they will need to upgrade their antenna and maybe some of the cabling if they want to fix that interference.Digital Changeover Anten­nas For Land­lords and Tenants


Here is the details of what the TV sta­tions are doing

At the moment the TV sta­tions are trans­mit­ting two dif­fer­ent TV sig­nals, one is the ana­logue TV sig­nal and the other is the digital TV.


When the switchover hap­pens the broad­casters will simply switch off the ana­logue TV broad­cast but con­tinue send­ing the digital broad­cast. So all your tenants/clients are cur­rently watch­ing digital TV with no prob­lems will not need to upgrade anything.


The only time they need to upgrade any­thing is if they are hav­ing recep­tion prob­lems on any of the digital channels.


Please con­tact our office at your earli­est con­veni­ence to dis­cuss this mat­ter if you think your TV anten­nae may not sup­port the digital net­work so we can arrange for an upgrade prior to the ana­log sys­tem being lost.


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