Blacktown’s Infrastructure. Will it keep up with its property growth?

Blacktown’s Prop­erty growth may go through the roof in the next few years, but can Black­town Coun­cil keep up?

The area has been call­ing for more infra­struc­ture to keep up with demand and Black­town Coun­cil may run the risk of stunt­ing it’s growth!

Does Black­town Coun­cil have the answers that will help the push for prop­erty growth?


First things first, lets tackle real estate growth and the myths

sur­round­ing it.

There are old real estate fossils out in the world that clutch to pop­u­lar beliefs such as “inner-city sub­urbs have the greatest gain” and “good repu­ta­tion sub­urbs are a blue chip invest­ments, you can’t go wrong”.

Real estate egos would want investors to believe in folk­lore that prop­er­ties along the water would provide one of the highest wealth cre­at­ors in real estate. There is no research or evid­ence to sup­port such statements.

One thing all myths have in com­mon is that they are uncon­firmed by data and research. This does not con­cern the ancient cul­ture of these Real Estate dino­saurs which rely on instincts and feel­ings to sur­vive rather than the nuis­ance of facts and data. They can lead prop­erty buy­ers astray but the answer is, the greatest cre­ator of cap­ital growth is infra­struc­ture, and Black­town has lots of it!

To find out more about how infra­struc­ture effects prop­erty growth got to “Infra­struc­ture Cre­ates Jobs and Cap­ital Growth


Black­town Hos­pital (BMDH) Expan­sion Phase 1

The pro­gress­ive view for the expan­sion pro­ject means an increase in the hospital’s capa­city and it’s new ser­vices. This will expand the infra­struc­ture of the com­munity and provide the struc­ture for improved med­ical facil­it­ies which is of huge bene­fit to employ­ment Blacktown.

The NSW Gov­ern­ment has put in $296 mil­lion and the Aus­tralian Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment has sup­por­ted the Hos­pital Expan­sion Pro­ject with a fur­ther $28 mil­lion. As the hos­pital increases its ser­vices, it will also increase employ­ment opportunities.

The con­struc­tion is well on the way with com­ple­tion set to be in mid-2016.
The addi­tional staff of the hos­pital will seek hous­ing (includ­ing apart­ments) to rent or buy so they can be close to the hos­pital. This will speed up the prop­erty devel­op­ment to cater to a more dense pop­u­la­tion. The aver­age income level will increase which will call for extra ser­vices such as enter­tain­ment, res­taur­ants and cof­fee shops.
The expan­sion of the Black­town Hos­pital has sparked the Black­town City Coun­cil to develop it’s trans­port and roads to aide in the devel­op­ment. Black­town City Coun­cil wants to prac­tic­ally man­age the future growth of the City and ensure they retain Black­town as a regional leader.

The plan will help to shape the health and prosper­ity of not only this City but the whole of West­ern Sydney”, Mayor of Black­town City, Coun­cil­lor Len Robin­son said. There are 8 key Trig­ger Pro­jects Black­town City Coun­cil are plan­ning on imple­ment­ing to sling shot Black­town into the fast­est grow­ing NSW City by population.


The Coun­cil Addresses the Issues of Infrastructure

One of the key chal­lenges Black­town Coun­cil faces is renewal of infra­struc­ture in the City. Across Aus­tralia there is a ser­i­ous short­fall in the resources avail­able to main­tain local assets such as parks, build­ings and roads to an applic­able stand­ard. New jobs and pro­spects of increased prop­erty value will rely on the func­tion­al­ity of the city infra­struc­ture to main­tain a healthy and fam­ily friendly landscape.

As Black­town City pushes to grow, the real­ity is that Black­town Coun­cil needs to main­tain the exist­ing infra­struc­ture that is begin­ning to age and it is essen­tial to begin that pro­cess now.

This has been an ongo­ing chal­lenge for some time and without it Black­town City Centre could risk stunt­ing is growth. The Coun­cil believes that this renewal of infra­struc­ture will lead to an invit­ing and fam­ily friendly neigh­bour­hood with hous­ing that will meet the diverse needs of the grow­ing com­munity. Basic­ally, it will be a goal of the Coun­cil to gain Regional City status for Black­town City Centre.

Infra­struc­ture cov­ers a host of things such as:

  • roads
  • rail links
  • factor­ies
  • bridges
  • hos­pit­als
  • tafe/universities

The X factor of prop­erty growth

is enter­tain­ment.


Black­town Inter­na­tional Sports Park will be another major project

One of the 8 pro­jects Black­town Coun­cil has their sights on is an Inter­na­tional Sports Park with a top of the range mul­ti­pli­able (Able to be mul­ti­plied) sports venue. This is look­ing to serve the needs of local and inter­na­tional sport which will attract people in droves. Local foot­ball teams such as The West­ern Sydney Wan­der­ers (that almost receive cult like status) have made their home at the park with over 100 staff and players.


The whole area is being upgraded with a new 200 room hotel and poten­tial upgrade of Doon­side train sta­tion to sup­port the new 20,000 seat sta­di­ums. The invest­ment into the pro­ject will poten­tially be over $20 mil­lion, over 10 years and be built in 4 stages. This will even include a traffic and land­scape upgrade which will increase the curb appeal to sub­urbs such as Doonside.


East­ern Creek Inter­na­tional Raceway


Black­town Coun­cil has presen­ted ideas to the newly $9 mil­lion upgraded East­ern Creek Inter­na­tional Race­way. The ideas are to cre­ate an inter­na­tion­ally recog­nised enter­tain­ment venue that will cre­ate rev­enue by attract­ing motor sport enthu­si­asts Aus­tralia wide. This will attract motor sport related busi­nesses to local indus­trial areas and in turn help increase prop­erty values.


Wet n Wild Prospect

Vil­lage Road­show has star­ted build­ing Wet’n’wild which is a $115 mil­lion pro­ject. This is expec­ted to provide over 300 con­struc­tion work­ers plus 300 per­man­ent full-time jobs when finished.

Wet’n’wild has fore­cas­ted that it will attract approx­im­ately 900,000 vis­it­ors p.a, and 20% of those should be com­ing from out of state and inter­na­tion­ally.  This is cal­cu­lated to cre­ate $500 mil­lion for N.S.W. over the next 10 years.

Talk about a major attrac­tion to help boost prop­erty prices!

So what does this all mean for prop­erty in Black­town and the sur­round­ing suburbs?

Well it has no choice but to grow. For example, Lalor Park prop­er­ties have greatly increased in price by $80,000 in the last two years. This is because of the loc­a­tion to job pos­sib­il­it­ies and the improved infra­struc­ture of Lalor Park and Seven Hills.

If you think in the realms of infra­struc­ture, this is what makes Seven Hills and Lalor Park so attract­ive. The loc­a­tion of theses sub­urbs between the Indus­trial havens of Seven Hills Indus­trial Estate and Kings Park Indus­trial Estate where people work. This is one of the reas­ons desire for res­id­en­tial prop­er­ties increase.


When you think about it, there are people that don’t want the hustle and bustle of Black­town City but they do desire spa­cious sub­urban set­tings. These factors are based on the know­ledge that most buy­ers want houses with yards, places to play, room for pets, the abil­ity to grow a garden and have a mans shed.  Fur­ther­more, the attrac­tion of being so close to Black­town City which has West­point Shop­ping Centre, enter­tain­ment, res­taur­ants, etc, not to men­tion Wet’n’Wild and East­ern Creek Inter­na­tional Raceway.

Is cap­ital growth is on the horizon?

If you asked me dir­ectly, I would have to say that the increase in res­id­en­tial prop­erty val­ues is def­in­itely on the rise in Black­town and an estim­ate aver­age median price growth of at least $40,000 in the near future is very likely.


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