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Innovative Splashbacks help builders and renovators create spectacular kitchens, showers and laundries with a splashback which looks identical to glass but is far more economical.

Their acrylic splashbacks are simple to work with, can be cut-to-size or can be cut on-site. This makes them perfect for anyone looking for a touch of luxury for their project while saving time and labour costs.

Innovative Splashbacks are produced in Geelong and delivered nation-wide. They are fierce supporters of supporting our economy, and were the first acrylic splashback company to be awarded the official Australian Made logo.

They also produce splashbacks in high definition digital prints for those looking for something different.

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7 Tips – How To Choose Your “Glass Alternative” Splashback

Acrylic splash­backs are becom­ing very pop­u­lar for investors. They look identical to glass, are inex­pens­ive to pur­chase, quick to install and add a wow factor. And that means higher prop­erty rents and less main­ten­ance. Glass is heavy and notori­ously easy to break. And tiles are time-consuming to install and leave grout which dis­col­ours, mak­ing your […]

Why Investors profit with Acrylic Splashbacks

If you’re like most investors then everything comes down to the num­bers. Every dol­lar you spend has to earn its keep. Either in reduced costs or increased rents. Or ideally – both. Many investors are using acrylic splash­backs in their prop­er­ties because they do both at the same time. How do they increase rents? As you know, […]

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