Attitude Adjustment Needed For Greystanes Creek “A Dump”

A site at Toongab­bie is a beau­ti­ful zone of Hol­royd Council

Grey­stanes Creek Walk­way Clean Up -

is just one of those suc­cess stories

Les Saville is a proud res­id­ent of Seven Hills and a next door neigh­bour of Toongab­bie. He is a leader and pas­sion­ate about Toast­mas­ters Inter­na­tional,  a world­wide organ­isa­tion that builds your con­fid­ence and self-esteem, while devel­op­ing your Com­mu­nic­a­tion and Lead­er­ship skills. A “National Volun­teer of the Year Award” win­ner and he is fed up! Fed up with incon­sid­er­ate people dump­ing junk in his beloved Grey­stanes Creek he walks down every morning.

An atti­tude of con­cern is in place:

Les the Clean Up Aus­tralia Day Super­visor  advised “You may or may not be aware, that this creek is con­stantly being used as a dump­ing ground. More lit­ter bins would be the way to go, pla­cing about 20 meters apart along Junia Avenue. Cur­rently we have only one bin at the BBQ site. There is a minor­ity in our com­munity, who are unaware of the appro­pri­ate place to dis­pose of rub­bish and deposit lar­ger items.” Clearly they have found a spot and it’s our Grey­stanes Creek!

So here is a mes­sage the those people “Please take your rub­bish back home for recyc­ling and dis­posal”, do not leave it on the ground or on the nature strip without call­ing for a coun­cil pickup. You can’t have an  “Oh well, someone else will pick it up” atti­tude. (fines have increased and are now being issued) local res­id­ents are rising up, coun­cil and real estate agen­cies like ours are crack­ing down. We are not going to sit by any­more and let people trash out his­tor­ical suburb.

Now with my rant over;Les Saville's Clean up Australia Day set upGreystanes Creek Walkway

Les Said “He knows all too well Clean up Aus­tralia Day is held on one day a year. It appears that in the area of Toongab­bie, that has not been con­trolled in the past. We do need to organ­ise a clean up once a month instead of once per year and make it known, if caught dump­ing rub­bish, a heavy fine will be imposed.” This is Les’s per­sonal feel­ing and we at Eld­ers Toongab­bie agree.

Truly I believe that our effort on Sunday 1st March was a suc­cess. The amount of rub­bish col­lec­ted out­weighed the recyc­lable mater­ial. Alu­minum Cans, Glass Bottles and Card­board were most of the items that were col­lec­ted for recyc­ling.” Les explained.

Rub­bish col­lec­ted includes:

Les Poin­ted out that “Prams, Rus­ted Frame of an out­door table, Bas­ket Ball hoop con­fig­ur­a­tion, Scoot­ers, Strollers, Steel Water Pipe, Steel Coup­ling part of machinery, lit­er­ally hun­dreds of plastic Shop­ping Bags, Paper Tis­sues, Jawbone with teeth (one of the most unusual items) Plastic bags of Garden Waste rolled into the creek, even part of a Hol­royd city coun­cil Road Bar­rier was found on the Por­tia Road creek sec­tion of the walkway.”

Holroyd city council Road Barrier was found on the Portia Road Greystanes Creek section of the walkway

It is obvi­ous with the hor­rendous state this creek was in, that we as a com­munity do need to gain con­trol of this situation.

Les’s inten­tion is to cre­ate a clean worth­while sub­urb of Toongab­bie, so visitor’s will see we are proud res­id­ents of this sub­urb. Is is a known fact of where and how recyc­lable mater­ial and gen­eral rub­bish needs to be dis­posed of, in the alloc­ated bins provided by Hol­royd City Coun­cil.

  • Yel­low Lids – Recyc­lable Mater­ial and
  • Red Lids – Gen­eral Waste rubbish.

Les con­tin­ued “Today, there are more items that can be recycled and a bro­chure is avail­able, just for the sake of ask­ing the coun­cil. We dump what we clas­sify as house­hold rub­bish, the incor­rect way. Yes, in the wrong bin. This leads waste­land being over­filled, even­tu­ally search­ing for other land­fill areas.” Costs may be passed on to the res­id­ents over time if we keep on this course. Who wants more expens­ive rates, no one right? that’s what I thought.….

We as a com­munity need to be in con­trol, we can’t just rely on “someone else will do it” atti­tude, because real­ist­ic­ally no one will care as much about Toongab­bie than Toongab­bie its self. as res­id­ents, we need to look after our area and keep on the lookout for illegal dump­ers. If you do see someone who dis­reg­ards the law dump­ing rub­bish, then they need to be repor­ted on 131 555 or 9840 9840.

Daily Tele­graph; Res­id­ents urged to report lit­ter­bugs as rub­bish piles up on the streets of Toongabbie

Ser­i­ously is this what we want to be known for? when someone asks you “where do you live” are we going to be embar­rassed or proud, the time is now to get involved before we are on A Cur­rent Affair. the choice is yours?

Look after the envir­on­ment as it will look after you.” Les Saville — CUAD Super­visor 0407462845 


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