The 7 deadly sins of investing in property

Investors them­selves often pose the greatest threat to their fin­an­cial secur­ity in times of uncer­tainty, which has released a list of the seven deadly sins for investors.

The best strategy for investors in the cur­rent eco­nomic cli­mate is to stay calm. “Fear is a great motiv­ator but a bad guide,”. “People who act cool will make bet­ter decisions than those (who) act emotionally.”

Investors must remain dis­cip­lined and invest for the long term in order to reap the bene­fits of their efforts once the cur­rent troub­ling times pass.

The seven deadly sins for investors in the cur­rent cli­mate are:

  1. Instant grat­i­fic­a­tion. Over emphas­ising imme­di­ate rewards at the expense of long-term needs.
  2. Naive diver­si­fic­a­tion. Tak­ing on unne­ces­sary risk by divid­ing money based on rules of thumb without eval­u­at­ing risk tol­er­ance or return expectations.
  3. Over­con­fid­ence. Believ­ing too much in one’s prowess as mar­ket prophet when mar­kets are just in a bullish cycle.
  4. Belief per­sist­ence. Ignor­ing evid­ence or indic­at­ors that are con­trary to what is believed to be in one’s own best interest.
  5. Over­weight­ing recent events. Giv­ing too much import­ance to recent events.
  6. Loss aver­sion. Plan­ning more for worst-case scen­arios to min­im­ise losses rather than con­cen­trat­ing on how to best max­im­ise wealth.

Fear of regret. Doing noth­ing because of not want­ing to make the wrong decision.

The firm provides the fol­low­ing tips to help avoid com­mit­ting the deadly sins:

  • Con­struct­ing an appro­pri­ate invest­ment plan. Determ­in­ing an appro­pri­ate risk tol­er­ance in con­junc­tion with a professional.
  • Stay diver­si­fied. Being prop­erly diver­si­fied to limit down­side losses in dif­fi­cult markets.
  • Think long term. Stay­ing com­mit­ted to a long term invest­ment strategy and not react­ing hast­ily to what will ulti­mately be tran­si­ent events.
  • Delay of grat­i­fic­a­tion. Res­ist­ing mak­ing rash decisions when mar­kets are racing or retreat­ing that you’ll regret.

Apply these prin­cipals and you keep a strong found­a­tion to build wealth.

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