Alert Scam Letters “Non-resident landlord scheme”

Alert to Prop­erty Man­agers regard­ing scam let­ter headed “Non-resident land­lord scheme”

Applic­a­tion to receive Aus­tralia rental income without deduc­tion of Aus­tralia tax

We wanted to inform and warn you of a scam which is cur­rently being faxed to Real Estate Agents and land­lords. See let­ter below.

scam alert Non-resident Landlord scheme

It is in the form of a fax/letter appar­ently from The Aus­tralian Tax­a­tion Office and headed “Non-resident Land­lord scheme Applic­a­tion to receive Aus­tralia rental income without deduc­tion of Aus­tralia tax” with a form attached. Identical fake Her Majesty’s Rev­enue and Cus­toms (HMRC) let­ters had been sent to real estate agents in the United King­dom since at least March 2012 with the only dif­fer­ence being the inter­chan­ging of the ATO logo with HMCR.

This scam is aimed at Prop­erty man­agers with over­seas land­lords who are let­ting out their Aus­tralian properties.

The cov­er­ing let­ter in the scam email is badly writ­ten with sev­eral gram­mer and spelling errors. The fax includes a form (NRL1) to be filled in, where con­sid­er­able per­sonal detail is reques­ted. As well as per­sonal inform­a­tion, pho­to­cop­ies of pass­ports and mort­gage account num­bers are also reques­ted. Those details could be sold on to a higher level of ID skim­mers and used for fraud­u­lent pur­poses. The scam­mers may seek to assume the iden­tit­ies of non-residents and sell their prop­er­ties without the real own­ers’ knowledge.

It is signed by ‘Mar­cauley Sanders’. A simple ‘google’ on that name alone will alert Agents to the scam.

Alert to Property Managers regarding scam letter headed -Non-resident landlord scheme- Application to receive Australia rental income without deduction of Australia tax-


NSW Fairtrad­ing has been aware of this scam for the last 2 years and has dealt with it by inform­ing real estate industry asso­ci­ations so that they can warn their mem­bers. A few pre­cau­tions to avoid being scammed are sug­ges­ted by NSW Fairtrad­ing including:


  • Dont give out your per­sonal details to any requests that have have been made out of the blue.
  • Verify any requests or offers before respond­ing to any offers, deals or requests for your per­sonal information.
  • Its best not to send money or give credit card and account inform­a­tion to any­body who makes unsought offers or requests for your information.
  • Try to always type in the address of the web­site of the busi­ness or author­ity you are inter­ested in to make sure you are log­ging onto their genu­ine website.
  • Its best not to open unso­li­cited emails or click on a link provided in an unso­li­cited email as it will prob­ably lead to a fake web­site designed to scam you into provid­ing your per­sonal information.


Please be vigil­ant and on the lookout for this and other scam let­ters that could expose Agents to the risk of a claim against them.

To keep up to date on other scams go to


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