A reminder of nsw smoke alarm laws

Under the Res­id­en­tial Ten­an­cies Act and Regulation:

Testing seven hills Smoke Detector

Test­ing Smoke Detector

  • Land­lords are liable for the fit­ting of smoke Detector in ten­an­ted properties.
  • Land­lords have a right to access to leased prop­erty to instal smoke alarms after issu­ing the ten­ant a min­imum of 2 days notice.
  • Land­lords and ten­ant are, are not allowed to remove a smoke alarm or inter­fere it from work­ing. Only with a reas­on­able jus­ti­fic­a­tion a ten­ant or land­lord can do this.
  • With a replace­able bat­tery type smoke Detector the land­lord is liable to replace a new bat­tery at the start of a new ten­ancy agreement.
  • After the lease has begun, the ten­ant is liable for repla­cing the bat­tery if it is needed. There is an accept­a­tion to the rule. If the ten­ant unable to phys­ic­ally change the bat­tery they well need to let the land­lord know. The land­lord has the option of doing it them­selves or hir­ing a com­pany such as Smoke Alarm Test­ing Ser­vices — SATS.
  • The ten­ant is not liable for chan­ging bat­ter­ies in hard wired sys­tems type smoke Detector that include a bat­tery back-up. In this situ­ation the land­lord is liable.
  • The status report part of the ten­ancy agree­ment must be inclus­ive of a spe­cific ref­er­ence to smoke alarms sys­tems that ten­ants and land­lords are able to record on the exist­ence and main­ten­ance of smoke alarms at the start and fin­ish of the tenancy.

For more inform­a­tion click here for more Inform­a­tion for land­lords and Smoke alarms 

If you are going to choose a Smoke Alarm Test­ing ser­vice be sure that they do the following;

  • Sur­vey your prop­erty to check the amount, type and pos­i­tion of smoke alarms cur­rently installed.
  • Inspect each smoke Detector for the best and secure installation.
  • Clean and wipe  smoke alarms
  • Rein­stall bat­ter­ies in the alarms with easy to remove batteries.
  • Veri­fiy the expiry date on all of the alarms.
  • Check all the alarms for sound and volume.
  • inspect all alarms for lite indicators.
  • Cer­tify that the alarms adhere to all the cur­rent Aus­tralian Codes and Standards.
  • Rein­stal alarms that are mal­func­tion­ing or past there expired date.
  • Refit any exist­ing alarms to make prop­erty com­pli­ant with Aus­tralian Codes and practices.
  • Note all details in there database.

Ser­vies like this will help cover your liab­il­ity oblig­a­tions when it come to the rent­ing out your property.


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