A Halloween Carnival In Toongabbie That Unites A Local Community

The Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School Hal­loween Carnival

Every year, Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School throws the annual Hal­loween Car­ni­val.  The car­ni­val is open to the pub­lic, young and old. Every year all who attend the car­ni­val enjoy them­selves, even Spike the dog (the Eld­ers mas­cot), as he was hugged and high-fived by the visitors. Toongabbie resident Martin Herben Mr Bean

Dur­ing the car­ni­val, kids were given a set of col­our­ing books and they become very involved in a col­our­ing com­pet­i­tion, a won­der­ful way that chil­dren are able to par­ti­cip­ate. The col­our­ing com­pet­i­tion is def­in­itely  a great attrac­tion for the Toongab­bie area and there are plans to go full out to pro­mote next year’s Hal­loween Car­ni­val and com­pet­i­tion to the public.

The Hal­loween Car­ni­val is known to bring fam­il­ies and indi­vidu­als together. Every year, the Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School on Bal­lan­della Road holds the car­ni­val in the school grounds between 3pm and 8pm. The com­munity come together to cel­eb­rate the school and the sur­round­ing com­munity, and in years to come, the school wants the car­ni­val to be even big­ger and bet­ter every year.

Par­ents in Toongab­bie are always look­ing  for things to do with their chil­dren. There­fore, the Hal­loween Car­ni­val  is a great place to start, as there are plenty of  rides, live enter­tain­ment, mar­ket stalls, vin­tage and model car dis­plays, and many more  attrac­tions that par­ents  and chil­dren can enjoy together. Par­ents and chil­dren  are encour­aged to dress up for the car­ni­val as their favour­ite  char­ac­ters or they can simply come up with some­thing creative.

Third Annual Hal­loween Carnival

At thekids from  Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School third annual Hal­loween Car­ni­val,  which was held on the 29th of Octo­ber, the weather was amaz­ing. It was fate that allowed it to be a great even­ing for all, and it  seemed that each attendee had a great time at the event. A large num­ber of attendees have offered their feed­back in regards to events for Hal­loween  2011, and all of them agreed that the event was a huge suc­cess. There  is always some­thing new and dif­fer­ent  at the car­ni­val, and each year,  the vis­it­ors find the car­ni­val to be bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous year.  The third annual car­ni­val saw a few leftovers in show­bags and lucky dips, which the organ­isers  agreed to sell at a much  lower price until they are sold out. The leftover pump­kins were also on sale, which were priced at $2.00 each.

Elders Toongabbie stand at Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School Hal­loween Carnival

As  soon as everything is sold, the school will have over $9,500.00 in profit to show from the  car­ni­val. The amount is  cer­tainly some­thing to be proud of espe­cially dur­ing this eco­nomic uncer­tainty. The hard­work­ing car­ni­val com­mit­tee  of Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School were greatly appre­ci­ated for their hard work and without the committee’s effort and their undy­ing atten­tion and ded­ic­a­tion, none of the above would have been possible.

Sev­eral busi­nesses in town have helped make the car­ni­val  a huge suc­cess as well, such as Mr Mar­tin Bean, Twinkle Toes Dance, Par­ra­matta City Band, and the Toongab­bie Dance Group. Their per­form­ances and enter­tain­ment abil­it­ies at  the fair were excel­lent and the vis­it­ors cer­tainly had a great time. Not to be missed was  the clas­sical car club who showed their sup­port through­out the car­ni­val. The  school com­munity  played a huge part, as well, as they were in charge of  bak­ing scrump­tious cakes, selling raffle tick­ets, dis­trib­ut­ing fly­ers, donat­ing items, and help­ing with the  pre­par­a­tion, which would have been impossible to tackle without their help.


Fourth Toongab­bie Hal­loween Carnival

At the fourth Toongab­bie  Hal­loween Car­ni­val, the car­ni­val received an even big­ger crowd.  There were per­form­ances, deli­cious food and bever­ages, and the crowd def­in­itely wowed every­one with their amaz­ing cos­tumes. The rides were def­in­itely a  favour­ite among the chil­dren and  par­ents were happy to see how  much their  chil­dren were enjoy­ing the day.

kids on ride from Toongab­bie West Pub­lic School  As with the pre­vi­ous years, the 2011 car­ni­val received plenty of help  from the com­munity and the  com­mit­tee mem­bers of the school. The Hal­loween  Car­ni­val 2012  was slightly bet­ter  than the pre­vi­ous year, and in 2013, the  organ­isers are  look­ing at mak­ing  it an  even big­ger and bet­ter. With  dif­fer­ent pro­mo­tion mater­i­als and  plenty of ways to advert­ise the event,  there will  def­in­itely be  more people attend­ing the yearly  Hal­loween Car­ni­val. The Toongab­bie  car­ni­val is seen  as one  of the car­ni­vals to look for­ward to  every year.

If there is any more events in or around Toongab­bie that would be inter­ested in being pro­moted please give us a call. This will help ensure that your event is a huge success.


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