8 Keys To A Graffiti Free And Vibrant Toongabbie

What is going on with Toongabbie

For many years 3 coun­cils have been in con­trol of main­tain­ing and devel­op­ing Toongab­bie. Some are resourced bet­ter than oth­ers and they are even talk­ing about amal­gam­at­ing Hol­royd with Parramatta.

This has presen­ted many prob­lems such as the left hand not talk­ing to the right hand for many things such as coordin­at­ing com­munity ini­ti­at­ives and town planning.

What needs to hap­pen in Toongabbie

It all starts with looks! It is a proven fact that streets that look bet­ter will main­tain and always get higher house prices. So it is com­pletely logical the first step is to have a graf­fiti removal and pre­ven­tion plan for the whole Toongab­bie area, but this is harder than you might think as the coun­cils don’t coordin­ate themselves.

You may be think­ing “this is all the coun­cils job”. Well yes, and no. We have a part to play as well or noth­ing will get done!

For example, in Hol­royd coun­cil it is the respons­ib­il­ity of the busi­ness owner to remove graf­fiti and on top of all that they don’t even have the resources to remove it if they had permission.

To truly com­bat graf­fiti and have last­ing change, Toongab­bie busi­ness own­ers, all 3 coun­cils, fin­ance and loc­als need to come together under one 12-month graf­fiti removal plan. Without this noth­ing will change and we will not see gentri­fic­a­tion in Toongabbie.

There has been some attempts to do this but it failed. Such as, a plan to cre­ate a her­it­age look and feel around the shops. The plan was around the theme of us being the 3rd set­tle­ment of Aus­tralia. The his­tory that is hid­den in Toongab­bie can be unlocked but it needs a key and some old fash­ioned elbow grease.

How does the unlock­ing start

It’s starts with you and a desire for Toongab­bie to change for the bet­ter. We no longer need to be apathetic about this area as there are some simple steps you can do with little effort.

Step 1) Do your mow­ing reg­u­larly and clean rub­bish from the road on your property.

Step 2) When on walks say g’day or smile to people when you walk past.

Step 3) Join the Toongab­bie NSW face­book page and chat to locals

Step 4) Report graf­fiti to the police (Police Assist­ance Line on 131 444).

Step 5) Report graf­fiti to the hot­line (graf­fiti report­ing free call 1800 707 125)

Step 6) Shop local includ­ing the Toongab­bie mar­kets (first Sunday of every month)

Step 7) Sign peti­tion for the Toongab­bie sta­tion upgrade

Step 8) Call politi­cians and request graf­fiti removal and mur­als to be done in heav­ily graf­fiti locations

Who is step­ping up to do this?

Well local busi­nesses are. All the local Toongab­bie busi­nesses have formed the “Toongab­bie busi­ness cham­ber” and are work­ing with busi­nesses to make Toongab­bie a bet­ter place, but they can’t do it alone. They need you to fol­low these simple steps.

If you would like to do more and help out where you can you can con­tact them on info@toongabbiebusinesschamber.com.au As there is much more work to be done to make Toongab­bie a vibrant place.


Jhai is an award win­ning Inter­net Mar­ket­ing Real Estate Agent for Eld­ers Toongab­bie and Kings Langley. After run­ning his own inter­net mar­ket­ing busi­ness he has now set his own sites for the real estate industry. He observed that 90% of real estate agents did not know how to mar­ket them­selves online. Jhai is now fixed on one goal. To teach real estate agents that they can mar­ket online so much bet­ter than they cur­rently are.

Since then he has been con­sist­ently quoted in the Sydney Morn­ing Her­ald and Real Estate Busi­ness online. He is a reg­u­lar guest blog­ger on TheHomePage.com.au, shar­ing his expert­ise of mar­ket­ing aspects for the Real Estate Industry. His biggest pas­sions are his wife, mar­tial arts, dogs and most of all property.

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