6 Ideas for Storing Your Goods When Renovating

Plan­ning a home renov­a­tion? There are many hid­den costs you must factor in when under­go­ing a renov­a­tion. One of those expenses or con­sid­er­a­tions is all your pos­ses­sions. What are you going to do with your fur­niture, TV, elec­tron­ics, boxes and other items? If you are under­tak­ing an extens­ive renov­a­tion, you need a place to put all these things. So, what are your options? Below are some great tips and tricks for stor­ing items when you are doing a renovation.

Keep things organisedStoring Your Goods When Renovating

Organ­isa­tion is key! As you pack, ensure you list everything in a note­book or on your phone. Labels are also cru­cial. If things are stay­ing put, it’s likely they will be covered and placed in boxes, so tags will help when unpack­ing. It’s best to label things with what room they will go in AFTER the renov­a­tion, not where they came from. A list will help you when refer­ring back.


Con­sol­id­ate, con­sol­id­ate, con­sol­id­ate! Fold or dis­mantle whatever you can. Legs come off the tables, chairs are fol­ded down, and things put back in boxes. Doing this will make everything much easier, espe­cially if you have to move things around for the build­ers. All your smal­ler, loose items should have spots too.


The only option might be self-storage. If there is no room for you to leave your belong­ings at your home, put it in stor­age. Self-storage isn’t too expens­ive if you find the right place. Sites like Spacer offer very afford­able stor­age in your area. You could find a stor­age space on your street! When stor­ing items, it’s import­ant to know what size stor­age space you will need. You don’t want to under cater for your possessions.

Lay Down Some Plastic

It’s a great idea to lay down plastic whether you are using a stor­age space or keep­ing fur­niture at home. Cov­er­ing your items is crit­ical and will save them from dam­age. Also, you must not for­get about dust and dirt. Get­ting out some plastic sheets is quick, easy and very effi­cient at pro­tect­ing your items, lead­ing to the next point.

Pro­tect Your items

This is the most import­ant step! For those of you who are not break­ing down fur­niture, you need to listen a bit more. We recom­men­ded fur­niture pad­ding or even pack­ing blankets. This will set you back a little extra money but will be worth it in the long run. Always try to avoid stack­ing items on top of each other if they can poten­tially do dam­age. If you are pack­ing away art or expens­ive elec­tron­ics, you don’t want these things get­ting dam­aged, take extra care by tap­ing them up or put­ting them in boxes.

Be real­istic

There is no bet­ter time to start cull­ing items you no longer want or need. As you sort the items or put things into stor­age, ask your­self what can go straight to the dump. Maybe it’ s time to sell some items? Or, does any­one in your fam­ily or group of friends need some­thing. Think about mov­ing back in, less work!

Also, think about your neigh­bours. Don’t store items in the front yard or take up space in their drive­way. If you’re in an apart­ment build­ing, try to make the mov­ing pro­cess as quick as pos­sible. Never try mov­ing things around late at night and wake people up.

Wor­ry­ing about stor­age is not ideal in the middle of a renov­a­tion. If you keep these great tips in mind, your fur­niture and other items can be tem­por­ar­ily stored while you give your home a makeover. You can also be assured that all your items will come back to your home the same way they left, in excel­lent condition!

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