5 Tools All Property Renovators Should Be Using

If you want to be a full-time ren­ov­ator you need to be effi­cient and on time with your pro­jects. I see many ren­ov­at­ors not focus­ing on  stream­lin­ing the man­age­ment of the jobs involved.

Just like a nail gun or Gerni, a good man­age­ment tool and know­ing how to useWoman renovators with a nail gun you got to love them them can make all the dif­fer­ence when it comes to achiev­ing this.

Here is my top 5 tools I see highly effi­cient 6 fig­ure ren­ov­at­ors use;

Ren­ov­at­ors Management

Invoicing app

As a ser­i­ous ren­ov­ator you will need to invoice people and keep track of jobs. An invoicing app can help out with this. With some of them you can even attach pho­tos, sig­na­tures, and keep track of payments.

Some of them will even export to account­ing soft­ware. Even just using an app with excel can make a dif­fer­ence with also keep­ing track of charts and workflow.

Gumtree app and eBayUsing a subway tile splashback gives a modern feel to this old kitchen. budget transformation

These are the most under­rated and can save you some unex­pec­ted dol­lars. I know of ren­ov­at­ors that have found old churches being demol­ished and sal­va­ging stained-glass win­dows for free. Oth­ers have picked up a bar­gain on an eBay auc­tion that they would of paid double oth­er­wise in Bunnings.

Before, dur­ing and afters

Dur­ing the hustle of fin­ish­ing a renov­a­tion on time many ren­ov­at­ors for­get to take pho­tos and doc­u­ment what they are doing. To jump from one renov­a­tion to another you may need fin­ance partners.

People believe what they see not neces­sar­ily what you say to them. Before, dur­ing and after pho­tos can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to secur­ing new fin­ance partners.

Renov­a­tion sched­ule Gantt chart

Plan­ning is a key to suc­cess in becom­ing a ren­ov­ator that makes over 6 fig­ures. A simple Gantt chart can make all the dif­fer­ence run­ning a pro­ject on time but I rarely see ren­ov­at­ors use.

Some ren­ov­at­ors say “I’ve got it all in my head and I’ve got it under con­trol”, but it’s not always about you. If trades­people can see the time frame they have to work within, they become easier to work with. They nor­mally don’t want to hold other people up because they know all too well how they don’t like it do to them.

This extra bene­fit can make all the worth­while to mak­ing your pro­ject run on time and under budget.

Property renovation gantt chart

Toggle timer

This app was a god­send to one of my ren­ov­ator friends. He had a lot of people involved in a renov­a­tion deal. Unfor­tu­nately he found him­self doing most of the phys­ical work while oth­ers did not have as much time to join him. This caused many fights between them as they all put up dif­fer­ent assets to make the deal happen.

Now enter the shin­ing light of the Toggle timer! They all star­ted log­ging their time and char­ging it to the job. All the inform­a­tion was uploaded in real time and share­able. Boom! Argu­ments solved and many insights gained.


You can be a suc­cess­ful full-time ren­ov­ator without these tools but it sure does make it easier. If you imple­ment just one or 2 of these ideas you should find your­self mak­ing more with less effort. Who doesn’t want that.


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