5 Investment Property Safety Tips That You Should Know That Could Save You $10,000

Safety for prop­erty investors is an issue that has more expos­ure today than ever before!

As a prop­erty owner, it is import­ant that a rental prop­erty is provided as safe and secure as pos­sible. In the next sev­eral weeks, we will look at some ways you can improve the safety in your investment.

Tip 1 — Smoke Alarms -

There is a com­mon mis­con­cep­tion that main­tain­ing a smoke alarm is just about chan­ging the bat­tery and press­ing the bat­tery test but­ton. The real­ity is one in four smoke alarms will fail to provide warn­ing in the event of a fire because they have been tampered with, are incor­rectly posi­tioned, have not been cleaned and tested with sim­u­lated smoke or have expired (yes smoke alarms have expiry dates!!). As a Prop­erty Investor you have a duty of care to provide a prop­erty that is safe for ten­ants to live in, man­aging your duty of care with Smoke Alarm Test­ing Ser­vices is an easy and cost effect­ive way to man­age your oblig­a­tions in this area. If you have not already signed up we strongly recom­mend you do so.

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Tip 2 — Safety Switches -

Although not com­puls­ory for all prop­er­ties through­out Aus­tralia, they are a great way to reduce the risk of elec­tro­cu­tion and asso­ci­ated haz­ards. Our elec­tri­cian will be able to advise on safety switch install­a­tion, use and costs, or should you have your own fully licensed elec­tri­cian they would be able to assist you.

Tip 3 — Shower Screens -

Installing toughened glass shower screens in the place of wired glass will greatly reduce the risk of injury with such screens. Wired glass can crack under extreme cold and hot tem­per­at­ures, and crack­ing can eas­ily injure someone should they come into con­tact with a sharp crack edge whilst shower­ing. Already damaged/cracked shower screens may be claim­able under insur­ance, so be sure to check with your insurer.

Tip 4 — Security -

It is a basic land­lord duty that any locks and latches sup­plied be work­able as every prop­erty must be provided reas­on­ably secure. If keys are miss­ing to any locks, have them re-keyed and cop­ies taken. Keep a com­plete set for your­self and one for the ten­ant. Pho­to­copy the keys before giv­ing them to your ten­ant– for good record keeping.

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Tip 5 — Trip­ping Hazards -

Remove any poten­tial haz­ards that may cause trip­ping. Pot holes in drive­ways, unlevel pav­ing and paths, loose car­pet and lino edges are some things that can cause trip­ping. If some­thing is likely to cause someone to trip and injure them­selves, have it rec­ti­fied so that it is rendered safe. Being pro­act­ive in this way will keep the chance of a ten­ant or their vis­it­ors trip­ping and injur­ing them­selves kept at a minimum.

For more inform­a­tion on how trip­ping haz­ards and how ser­i­ous it can be, please go to the blog post;

Man­age­ment Of Invest­ment Prop­erty Costs Baby Isabella’s Life

In short it can cost you $1000s of dol­lars not tak­ing action on all of these hazards.


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