4 Secrets To What Attracts A Tenant To A Property

Prop­erty Invest­ment in Seven Hills and in gen­eral is all about secur­ing a good ten­ant for as long a period of time as pos­sible. There­fore, when con­sid­er­ing buy­ing an invest­ment prop­erty for this pur­pose, it is import­ant that you choose the right prop­erty and also con­sider adding fea­tures that will attract the right tenant.


attracting a good tenant

1) Prop­erty Position

Prop­er­ties in close prox­im­ity to facil­it­ies like schools, lib­rar­ies, ter­tiary edu­ca­tion and near shop­ping areas like super­mar­kets, take-aways, res­taur­ants and banks are highly desirable.

Being close to the busi­ness dis­trict, water­ways and beaches can also be attract­ive to par­tic­u­lar ten­ants. Hav­ing parks, play­grounds, walk­ing and bike trails nearby can also prove favourable.

In areas that have pub­lic trans­port, being on or close to a route is also desirable.



2) Ten­ant Friendly Fea­tures — Inside

Inside a prop­erty, it is import­ant that fea­tures are designed to be com­pat­ible with a tenant’s life­style, as well as pro­tect the life of the prop­erty. You should look at updat­ing out-dated kit­chens, bath­rooms and liv­ing areas with a few of the fol­low­ing suggestions:

  • The kit­chen is the heart of the home and the first thing ten­ants will inspect. You don’t neces­sar­ily have to put in a new kit­chen. Paint­ing kit­chen cup­boards, repla­cing door knobs or installing a mixer tap can cre­ate the desired illu­sion of a makeover.
  • Resur­fa­cing the bathtub, basin and shower base can give new life to out­moded fix­tures. Repla­cing taps, shower heads and other fit­tings with mod­ern equip­ment and repla­cing a shower cur­tain with a shower screen can cre­ate an improved look.
  • Repla­cing fluor­es­cent light­ing with low-voltage fit­tings that can plug into exist­ing sock­ets without the need of an elec­tri­cian.  Also con­sider mod­ern pendants for bedrooms.
  • Repla­cing light switches and installing dim­mer switches can give the look of a newly refur­bished home.
  • Select­ing good qual­ity paint for interior walls and wood­work that is of a strong wash and wear quality.
  • Choos­ing car­pet that is not light in col­our, res­ists stains and is hard wearing.
  • Con­sid­er­ing tiled floors for high traffic rooms like pas­sage­ways and living/dining and kit­chen areas, or a qual­ity lino.

3) Ten­ant Friendly Fea­tures — Outside

These days with peoples life­styles becom­ing busier, fea­tures on the out­side of a prop­erty need to be low maintenance.

Gar­dens selec­ted with hardy nat­ive plants that cope well in the local cli­mate, and lawned areas kept to a min­imum is smart. Hav­ing a fully auto­mated water­ing sys­tem with pop-up sprink­lers and drip­per sys­tems to plants is com­pat­ible with busy life­styles of today. Fur­ther, garden beds with plastic under­lay, topped with bark chips that dis­cour­age weed growth ensure an easy garden to man­age by most tenants.

4) Secur­ity Features

Secur­ity fea­tures are becom­ing neces­sary in today’s chan­ging world.

Con­sid­er­ing fea­tures like front secur­ity screen doors, dead­locks, win­dow locks and in some cases win­dow secur­ity grills make a prop­erty more attract­ive to the right ten­ant. Installing move­ment sensor spot­lights to the front drive and front door walk­ways, and lock­able access gates again are good secur­ity fea­tures to be considered.

Imple­ment­a­tion of these ideas will not only spruce up your invest­ment prop­erty but also add value to the prop­erty. You may have to invest some cash in the short term for these refur­bish­ments, but remem­ber that you will be spend­ing a little now to earn a lot in the long term. Bet­ter qual­ity prop­er­ties attract bet­ter ten­ants who will enjoy liv­ing in your prop­erty, look after it and be will­ing to stay for longer.

Mak­ing your prop­erty ‘ten­ant friendly’ ie mod­ern and com­fort­able, is all part of smart and suc­cess­ful prop­erty investment.

If you are daun­ted by the thought of find­ing an invest­ment prop­erty with all these fea­tures or the required renov­a­tions, con­sult­ing a prop­erty man­ager is your best bet. A good prop­erty man­ager will take care for your prop­erty, ensur­ing it obtains the highest rent achiev­able, col­lect the rent and  pay the bills on time, min­im­ise  vacan­cies, keep you updated of any main­ten­ance or other issues, and even over­see renovations.

An exper­i­enced prop­erty man­ager can poten­tially save and earn you thou­sands, reliev­ing your stress-and all for a few tax-deductible dol­lars a day.


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