4 Quick Tips To Avoid Rent Ruined & Select The Best Tenant Ever!

When select­ing a new invest­ment prop­erty ten­ant in Seven Hills NSW - it is import­ant to note that rental ref­er­ences are the most import­ant indic­ator of how your ten­ancy will per­form– this indic­ates who they really are as a ten­ant– their true colours!

Employ­ment is of sec­ond­ary import­ance as this only con­firms how much the ten­ant receives in income, but will not con­firm if they have a good habit of pay­ing the rent on time.

Qual­ity time must be spent when check­ing your tenant’s his­tory and ref­er­ences– as your ten­ancy will only per­form as good as your tenant.

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1) Check­ing A Rental Applic­ant– A Good Question


When check­ing a pre­vi­ous rental ref­er­ence one of the ques­tions we ask is ‘Would you rent to the ten­ant if they wanted to rent back to you again?’ and ‘Did the ten­ant pay the rent on time, all of the time?’

These are qual­i­fy­ing ques­tions that ask or an hon­est answer from any cur­rent or pre­vi­ous land­lord or Real Estate agent.


2) Check­ing An Applic­ants Cur­rent Address


An indic­ator as to whether an applic­ant may in fact be a suit­able ten­ant is to drive past their cur­rent address where they are resid­ing (using inform­a­tion dis­closed to you on the applic­a­tion form) and view how they are main­tain­ing the out­side of the property.

If the out­side is gen­er­ally main­tained– then the inside will gen­er­ally also be well kept. How­ever if the out­side is neg­lected and poorly main­tained, this may indic­ate that the inside may also not be looked after (kept clean and undamaged).


3) Ten­ants With No History


Some­times you will come across a ten­ant that has no ref­er­ences. It is import­ant to find out why they have no his­tory. Some­times there are good reas­ons like they have always lived with their par­ents, or have owned their home.

Some­times how­ever they are hid­ing an unsat­is­fact­ory his­tory where they may have been evicted. Some­times it is best that if you are in doubt– it is best to say ‘no’.


4) Pre­vi­ous Beha­viour Dic­tates Future Performance


Most things in life are gen­er­ally not pre­dict­able. How­ever human nature, in gen­eral is!

If you have an applic­ant that has just been evicted from a pre­vi­ous invest­ment prop­erty due to poor per­form­ance (didn’t pay the rent or did not main­tain the prop­erty) don’t be fooled into think­ing that they will do the right thing by you! A bad ten­ant can only be a bad ten­ant, an aver­age ten­ant can only be aver­age, a good ten­ant can only be a good ten­ant (sub­ject to a change in circumstances).

How they have per­formed pre­vi­ously will tell you how they will per­form with you.

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