3 Ways To Drastically Reduce Your Moving Costs On Moving Day

So you have sold your house or have to move the next thing to think about is the mov­ing day.

Pack­ing and mov­ing is a huge move for any­body. It is not that simple to pack everything you have col­lec­ted along the years and make sure it reaches your new home intact. The ideal way to do it is to hire pack­ers and movers who will use their exper­i­ence to aid you in this gigantic move.

Sydney Removalists A good mov­ing team will usu­ally have years of exper­i­ence in hand­ling fur­niture, valu­ables, clothes and other house­hold items. They can ensure that your pack­ing and mov­ing hap­pens as smoothly as it can.

How­ever, if you are work­ing on a tight budget, espe­cially in Aus­tralia and your mov­ing des­tin­a­tion hap­pens to be the in the west­ern sub­urbs of Sydney around Black­town. Hir­ing a good mov­ing com­pany can turn out to be an expens­ive affair. In such an event it is more advis­able to hire only the mov­ing ser­vices of a company.

This includes load­ing your already packed stuff into their trucks and unload­ing them at your new des­tin­a­tion. The real estate agent who has helped you buy your house can be help­ful in sug­gest­ing some good mov­ing com­pan­ies in your area.

Here are some help­ful tips which will fur­ther ease the task of mov­ing for you:

Write It Down

Make a to-do list a couple of weeks before the day you plan to move.  Stick the note up on your fridge or cup­board and ask every­body in your fam­ily to con­trib­ute to it. Make a sep­ar­ate list for things which need to be packed. Keep adding items to it as and when you remem­ber. Make a sep­ar­ate list for every room.  Remem­ber to tick items off your list once you have packed them

Box It

Keep a sep­ar­ate box for sep­ar­ate items. One box for the books, one for the files, one for the toys, one for the clothes and so on. The minute your box is full seal it shut and label it. Labeling is a very import­ant pro­cess of pack­ing. It saves you the trouble of hunt­ing through all the boxes when you are unpack­ing. Below the label, men­tion briefly the items con­tained in the box.

Be as spe­cific as you can. For example if you label a box ‘Kids Room’ then write ‘Books’ below it and to be even more spe­cific you can write ‘school books’ or ‘com­ics’ or ‘books from  A-D. Keep in mind it is more help­ful to you and the movers to pack in mid-sized boxes and opposed to huge boxes. Medium size boxes make it easy to cat­egor­ise your belong­ings and reduce the con­fu­sion of pil­ing all your stuff into one box

Color Code It

This is an inter­est­ing way to make mov­ing more effi­cient. You can use dif­fer­ent color labels for dif­fer­ent rooms. Pink for the kids rooms, blue for the par­ents room, green for the gar­age, brown for the kit­chen etc. The colored labels help you identify the boxes and you can dir­ect the movers to place them in the respect­ive room at the new loc­a­tion with ease. This saves you a lot of time and unne­ces­sary effort.


A little dis­cip­line and plan­ning ahead of time can make sure that mov­ing home is less of a daunt­ing task than it seemed.

Most removal com­panys charge by the hour keep a look out for a mid range busi­ness with low over­heads about $100 per hour is reasonable.

Doing things cor­rectly can have you plan­ning your house­warm­ing party within no time.

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