10 Free ways to go Green

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Here is the next top five tips to help you go green without break­ing the bank.

6. Think, Green Kris Kringle

We’ve all heard of Kris Kringle right? The hol­i­day sea­son group gift swop­ping game with a max­imum limit of lets say $50 on how much you can spend per present. For a Green Kris Kringle, instead of a cost cap, have a mater­ial restraint: only play the game with presents you can find scattered around the home or make crafty gifts you can make with the cur­rent mater­i­als you have.

That bor­ing old photo frame you have? Add old sparkly brace­let for a shim­mery new upgrade, and take it as your gift to exchange. A green Kris Kringle is a fant­astic way to reuse old things you are no longer wear­ing and lower some of the holiday-season mater­ial left over that can drain your green spirit.

And instead of wrap­ping your presents in tra­di­tional Christ­mas paper, why not be cre­at­ive? Old news­pa­pers, comic books, pages from magazines, maps from your last hol­i­day, street dir­ect­ory, scraps of nice mater­ial or even leftover wall­pa­per can make a hip­ster green wrap­ping alternative.

7. Attempt homemade cleaners

Let’s face it, some of the eco friendly clean­ing products at the store are pricy. I know you still have to clean, so try mak­ing some homemade clean­ing sup­plies your­self from stuff that’s already lying around the home. Some basic, nat­ural, non-chemical, non abras­ive clean­ing ele­ments are vin­egar, bicarb soda and lemon juice.

With vin­egar, you can mix with one part water to dilute it, put in a clean spray bottle and start using it in bath­rooms and kit­chen counter tops.

Bak­ing soda (bicarb soda) can be used as a scrub­ber as well as a deodor­iser (great for pets).  To clean your pots and pans like new, add some chopped up lem­ons in water and sim­mer on the cook­top – it breaks down some of the toughest cooked on grime.

8. Recycle your old bags

It hap­pens all the time, we for­get our reusable shop­ping bags. Lucky we know just how to recycle the used plastic bags when they start to pile up (take-a-way, extra bin liner, stor­age bag for a BBQ, you think out it). Yet all that thought­ful­ness and atten­tion on reusing plastic bags can lead us to for­get about other group of plastic bags: the refri­ger­ator bag and the sand­wich bag.

Com­monly used for items such as sand­wiches or last nights leftovers, these bags get little wear and tear and can be cleaned, aired out and recycled again and over again. Using what you already have is essen­tially free, do you think?

9. On your bike buddy

We all know it is fun to go out and about, well with driv­ing, park­ing and exor­bit­ant food and bever­age prices these days, going out adds up fast. So try adding a green slant to your night and add a bike rid­ing night-out spec­tac­u­lar with your mates – meet at a local res­taur­ant, cafe, or  bar. You’re sure to have inter­ested night, not to men­tion sav­ing some good old coin and use less petrol.

10. Off­set your envir­on­mental emissions

If you would like to do some­thing more for the envir­on­ment – think about off­set­ting your car­bon foot­print of your fam­ily home, or your busi­ness.  Car­bon off­set­ting lowers the effects of cli­mate change and makes you feel warm and fuzzy about your­self not to men­tion impact the world.


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